How to play Rocksmith Remastered with USB AUDIO INTERFACE / guitar link / usb guitar cable


How to play rocksmith 2014 remastered wihout real tone cable

How to use guitar link, usb audio interface, usb guitar cable on rocksmith remastered

It also works with a p10/p2 adapter

Como usar guitar link, interface de audio, ou cabo usb para guitarra no rocksmith.

Também funciona com um adaptador p10/p2


Channel:  oliveirsmith

Just a update for you guys. I havd bought an audio interface behringer Umc22, and it works perfectly fine. The steps are the same as the video.

Tiago Silvestre 

Followed every step. didn't work. I'm using a Guitarface II audio interface

Slava Grigoras 

An update for you guys. Downloaded the software. Installed. Tried and it does not work. All right, I think to myself the problem is on my end. Then a few days later someone from Malayesia logs in to my Ubisoft account. Warning this soft tries to steal your Ubisoft data! My account was new and did not have any payments data in it.


im using a focusrite solo gen 2 and i can only use line 2 since that the guitar imput, what do i do.


If anybody is having trouble with the no cable launder.... I found a fix....I'm using a torrent version of the game...

Go to the editsetting folder

Uncheck steam game and make the path the orginal game launcher

Deiter Meena 

I'm using focusrite 2i2, have followed all the steps (including the suggestion by Dzastins Boks below regarding asio settings) and the game keeps saying "To play in microphone mode you must connect a valid Microphone"

Robert Morrow 

Ok, so this is doing absolutely nothing for me. Put the files in their own folder, set the interface up correctly, checked "Steam Game" in the .bat, selected the interface, RS2014 just says "Sound like the cable is unplugged"

EDIT: Selected the mic input int the path/input menu, worked a treat


no working no .exe in the .zip archive

light 777 

how do i hear the guitar in game?


it works


i've watched this video over 3 times and done everything possible and when i get to the calibration its just white noise... help?!


Man, I would like to just to simply say thank you! You are my hero

Krisbee Film 

It worked out for me, but i'm having alot of delay from the guitar. Do you have any tips and tricks to make it work without delay?

Animerxxx Anime 

May i use adapter 6.33(guitar) to 3.5?

I dont have guitar link ):


All it did for me is spammed the "NoCableLauncher" over and over and over, almost crashing my PC


Thank you so much this video helped me soooooo much

Jose Maldo 

I'm trying to use it with my Scarlett Solo but it doesn't work :(

Emerson Bagasol 

Crack doesnt work for me

Juan Granke 

algume saberia me ajudar o áudio do jogo não sai ?

Fabien M 

Thanks ! Worked for me, choosing "real tone" as an input in Rocksmith 2014

Leandrosuper Salas Muentes 

Cant find procces: Rocksmith2014.exe > Help please!

Corvin Mack 

Using a Steinberg urMKII with the designated Yamaha Steinberg drivers, they're all up to date but I can't change my recording bitrate from 44100hz as the option bar is grayed out, can someone help me out?

Nicolas Abreu 

exe file at"steam://rungameid/221680"not found, check game path


where do i download it?


works however latency is a big problem, any way to reduce it completely??


It doesn't work when I try to calibrate... Do I go to real-tone or microphone? Anyway either way doesn't work...


Doesn't work with cracked game

Otávio A. Baumgratz Nusca 

Oliversmith o jogo fica chiando muito! Sabe de algo que possa mudar isso? Já tentei trocar as entradas usb, e nada....


Graciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!! funciona 100% !!!! ♥


Eu clico nesse editsettings.bat mas só abre uma caixa preta e some rápido. Não abre as configurações

Juan Jijon 

do i need Steam for this to work? cause is not working


download link says that the files aren't possible

Chichi Vidya 

Worked really well, ty

Adriano Luis Fernandes 

Tentei usar aqui com a minha interface usb mas quando abro o jogo da um erro assim: ERROR SOUND INITIALIZATION

No audio output device is detected. Please connect and enable an audio output device then restart Rocksmith 2014

Adriano Luis Fernandes 

ainda funciona?


this only seems to work with my audiobox if i use the microphone input, but not instrument


it doesnt work for my focusrite solo 2nd gen T.T

Lucas N 

any Mac alternatives?

Dzastins Broks 

Thx a lot man! Btw if anyone has a focusrite 2i2 then remember to go into your asio settings and change the rate to 48000 and 16.

kevin pedrasa cornejo 

por fin llevo mucho buscando esto gracias (te amo)xd

nico benencio 

Lo resolví, o al menos eso creo, lo que hay que hacer es conectar la guitarra a la entrada del microfono de la placa de sonido. Al momento de calibrar la guitarra yo prendo el microfono y me toma esa entrada. Voy a comprar un adaptador


I can't get the nocablelauncher to run. What do i do?


Vc que fez a música? Qual o nome dela??

Gabriel Costa 

infelizmente não funcionou

Coffee Jedi 

doesn't work with dlc

Nizar Reghai 

works perfectly, but you need to desactive all your inputs and leave the one for the guitar but i have a latency problem, any thoughts ?

Raymond Kit 

I followed the steps but when i open the game using no cable exe a box appears saying can't find process. any help?


Man thanks for the video, I hope this works for my focus rite 212


Does with work with focusrite? Also my device does not an option for 48000hz DVD. I am using a scarlet 2i4. I would prefer not to have to pay 30 dollars for a cable...