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i'm too lazy to comment anything 

i want to learn how to play this, but the sad thing is i dont have one.

Kristian Dzudzo 

what chords are on bass

Snehasish Bose 

I wanna learn to play guitar

Tell me the paths please

swaroop sinha 

by seeing this i think i can play the bass as i know picados,tremolo and other classical things and pick play...

is it related playing guitar and bass

Grxy Wxlf 

What kind of tuning would be necessary for a doom metal type bass riff?

SkyMaster Albani 

watching this making me hungry

i want to eat bass for dinner

Christopher St. Michael 

Really good advice for a beginner 😎👍

Ephraim Mulenga 

and tap tap tap tap😂😂

Christopher Miller DHSc 

great lesson

this guy is easy to follow compared to other lessons - add more....


I’m watching this yet I don’t have a bass I have a guitar.... well time to buy a bass

Yellow Bby 

I had the urge to play the bass bcuz of Dallon Weekes and John Deacon sksjjfjfkfjkf

Jude Anthony 

This man, don't know his name, is super articulate. Wish I could study with him!


i so like michael of the bangles!

Alex Johnston 

“Alright so you wanna play the bass?”


“What’s your job?”

I don’t work

“A time keeper, just like the drums”

Uh I just said I don’t work ...

Yum Chicken 

BASSic feels

That Nerd 

hi my name is azia i,m 10 years old i need help playing a electric guitar bacss can you help me plz my bother can,t help me I ask you to help me it is tricky and hard for me

Snowy Human 

I play this, ukelele, and gutair.. aND THIOSE SRINGS ARE SO LONG ON A BASS... (that's not what she said")

Mr. Blue 

out the doorways the bullets rip! to the sound of the beat!

FrankinChicken B 

I play guitar, but Manilla Road band makes me want to learn the bass

J Fisher 

Cool, this is Brad Carlton - He was my guitar instructor in St Pete FL 1990's - the guy can play any style guitar - bass, electric, acoustic, classical - AND teaches them all very well - Plus he is a really nice guy!


I play tuba and I really want to know how to play bass guitar and I'm only 12 and I'm in a band and I want to be in Jass class could you play tuba in Jass

Switchfam girl 

Would it be easier to learn bass if you already know drums?

Lester Walker 

no bass parts yet but PEWDIEPIE OUR INSPIRATION! That is the name of my latest YouTube I used a Beatles idea and lots of YouTube guitar teachers for this hot little number. Take a look.

Remember the title is "PEWDIEPIE OUR INSPIRATION"

محمد الاديمي 


Jake Ralph Española 



Currently learning to use the classical guitar, but god damn I love bass


Jump start it was - ill-equipped with my age to try though - Thank you.

Mr. King Venus Official 

I am enjoying it paaa

guitar leasson 

i think i can buy it ???

Jason Moon 

Wow, thank you so much this was great to know. I am a new bass player!

Not a nice guy 

Johnny Johnny yes pappa

Frerard is much Wow 

I wanna be dallon or Mikey



hyungnim-SIn Stan 

I really want to learn this instrument... Timing is my problem when i play instruments, i don't know how or when to change another chords

Isaac 6raves 

Am I like retarded cause I don't get this shit at all

Israel Israelee 

Please I need more tip about bass guitar

Israel Israelee 

Please I need more tip about bass guitar

Kenan Daud 

This is the most helpful Bass video ever omg other videos are so hard to even fkn understand I learned so much from this hah

Record Artist Dyan Villavicencio AH-YES-YES-YO! 


Ivalina Passe 

Triplets Awesome God

Vitez Koja 

Appreciate Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched - Riddleagan Blossoming Solo Remedy (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing one off guide for mastering guitar scales minus the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.

MistaBassBooster's Kammeraad 

Can someone make a meme out of this guy?

Joseph Emmanuel 



I'm a bloody beginner who's had his first bass freshly delivered today. Perfect first tutorial, thank you very much :)

Василий Проворов 

за 4 минуты один пример!?


Bass.....It's like guitar, only cooler.

kiwa samuels 

I play guitar and drums! Now time to learn base!

Sems Wijaya 

this is the first time for me, i think i like it

Esther Chang 

I hate bass

Acoustic NKR 

Great rhymes