How to know if you have a nerve problem


The Nervous System: The Master System

How to know if you have a nerve problem.

In this video we cover how to determine if you are suffering froma pulled muscle or a pinched nerve. Watch and learn.


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Pupdog Hero 

Dr. Bergman: I noticed that not all of your videos are listed on your channel. They are not all on your website either. I find them here and there, mostly because YouTube lists them on the right side of the screen. Could you, if possible, put them all together on your website or channel? You are very generous putting your videos on youtube and I am grateful. See below. Thank you and Bless you!

Pupdog Hero 

I have been able to diagnose my problem by watching these videos. My GP and a celebrated pain doctor studied an X-ray and MRI and determined it was a nerve problem, not a hip problem. He put two injections into my spine that did not work at all. His third try was to tell me to live with it or to get an operation (85% failure rate.) Shameful! And mainstream medicine has the nerve to look down on natural medicine! Did I pay him? YOU BET! My chiropractor and I determined it wasn't a nerve problem at was my hip joint!!! I did only one exercise from one of Dr. B's videos and the nerve pain is much better already! Now I can focus on the degenerating hip (which in one year got much worse because I have had to take ibuprofen by the handful!). With added nutrition, exercise and my chiropractor I'll cure it! Keep watching and trying things because you never know when you may discover something that may help you!

Cruz R 

Thank you 😓🤯I have interstitial cystitis and fibromyalgia and endometriosis I'm so sick an I'm 30 years old an I have a little girl I can do much I'm always sleepy and depressed but you give me hope thank you ..🙇‍♀️👍❤🙏👩‍👧

Cruz R 


Reagan Cameron 

I actually have tested out everything else, from mega-doses of vitamins, to homeopathic remedies. I`m only 34 years of age, and needless to say, it`s been a real battle. Nonetheless, I stumbled upon this neuropathy treatment “jomkoko unique jomta” (Google it) extremely interesting. The program is simple to follow that you cantry it. You do it properly and you`ll have the effects almost straight away..

Maria Alfaro 


tay ya 

Such a fun teacher...…..l usually fall asleep after 10 minutes


Dr. Bergman your videos are excellent. The humour certainly lightens a heavy burden trying to educate people.

lan vazquez 

He makes learning fun and interesting.

Robert Robertson 

You have got love this doctors passion for health, his common sense approach is so rare. he is one very intelligent man, I can listen to him all day, great teacher, Yes or Yes.

d ragon dish 

My spine is fucked nuropathy is killing me tonight. Ty for this information

Joan Veit 

How do they check your nervous system?

Mona Dean 

Hello Dr is EMG ok to do when u have couple tuner fingers?

Gajanan Phadte 

Depopulation in progress, it's an UN program.

Deborah Teems 

Oh my God I don't know about you I can't quit watching you

Marjorie Barclay 


William O. 

How do I get the nervous system checked , if I ask My doctor -he'll look at me sideways...

Florence Toma 

Dr Bergman, you're a gift from God - thank you.

What can I do for an unrelenting "headache" of my L knee?

I put on Turpentine oil and salve, but nothing helps. Last time I ended up at ER. Dr ordered x-rays, and aspirated fluid around knee, had to inject chemical fluid back in, which helped for couple months. Now swelling continues to keep me in pain. Help!

Rita Mitchell 

I'm glad I found you. I've been telling people for years that doctors will kill you !

rachel mulveen 

I am a girl with a vns in me I have epilepsy and it is very new in me it is working good for me with this even though I wear the magnet and thank

Got bueamout hosptail in Dublin gave it to be I am happy and way better even though I have complex particl expilplesy

Leo Guerra 

Thank you Dr. Bergman for showing us who we really are, sharing your knowledge and inspire the beautiful minds inside of us. Thanks to the universe you're unveiling the truth about nutrition and drug free life. You're a true messiah in a world of Monsantos non-sanctos.


i lostnmy baby at 37

weeks back in may.. 2 months

later i started getting really crazy and debilitating symptoms. my blood pressure randomly goes up, i get light headed everytime i stand, i can’t sleep, constipated, seen so many doctors and they say it’s anxiety.. and throw some anti depressants at me. but this really sounds like what’s happening on me. i went through something traumatic and my body is stuck in fight or flight. it’s been 7 months and i just want to figure out how to stop this. i can’t live my life or move forward.. please help


Neurology is the study of your lying sacks

John Marshall 

Is that where this nervous twitch comes from?

Sheralyn Hennessey 

Thank Dr Bergman: I had autoimmune thyroid disease! Changing diet no longer on any medication

Marilyn Dillard 

Can you talk about "burning mouth" desease..i need information so bad..thanks

Akbar Ali 

Narve dakhna ki light ka name kya hai Sir

Erik Anthony 

My heart rate raises when I last flat, nervous system?

Latoya Wright 

When my husband gets on them! *bud-dump-ch! 😜🤪

J Barron459 

The reason "why" we are so sick is because medical science keeps people alive ! Yep, we would all be much healthier if we let those that are sick, just die off. This is how nature does it in the wild. This is how species improve over time. Mother Nature has always allowed the strong to survive and the weak die off. If we are going to keep everyone alive, that should have just died off for the betterment of the species, then we are going to see a lot of bizarre people living and procreating. Mutations that are kept alive through medical science and allowed to propagate will usually be the ones that propagate the most--like cancer.


I am 58 now and I can't tell you how many of my friends have kids with ear infections THEN had tubes put in their ears, put on antibiotics again and again, THEN down the road have complications from the tubes down the road, and get tubes removed, put on more antibiotics. This is malpractice and is absolutely ridiculous and they're always on antibiotics and I justwant to scream!


NECK not leg! Oops!


If you could help me I sure appreciate it I broke my leg on a diving accident and have a compression injury and the only part that is damaged is my motor function period so I have been paralysed 37 years and have chronic pain bone degeneration and horrid arthritis. It doesn't seem to matter what supplements I take although I have turmeric On the way but honestly I think that I'm too far gone and I don't take any more narcotics or any other drug except baclofen because of the SCI. They want to give me and I depressants I want to give me all kinds of drugs but nothing will address all the nerve pain and all the osteoarthritis that I am suffering I just have to deal with it and very little sleep! Anybody who has any suggestions please feel free to let me know! Thank you

Jade Manuella 

If one of the caribou was lame and couldn’t defend itself it would be soon eaten. In that case is it problematic that we have evolved to have a brain that centres around being courteous to humans with health disorders and therefore inventing forms of medicine to combat a physiological malfunction and that without the medication would leave that person in a horrible state.

Miguel Ramirez 

What about truma to nerves from whiplash

jamey hilf 

Damn what am I sapost to do I was born with a backwards tailbone?

Sofia H 

We dont know because God made it this way. This proves that God is a creator of all and its a mystery to us. Always will be.

Billy Times 

smart dude thanks bro

Tony Leon 

and this is why I am Pro-Life!

Bj Mackay 

I’ve searched the internet for advice on nerve conditions and Burgman is the best by far


I get SO ANGRY - as Dr. John exposes the deceptions of modern medicine and pharma. Therefore I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM !!! Thank you Dr. Berman - you've helped me so much.


THis doctor is a Rock Star

Rooster Cogburn 

Thank you. Sincerely.

Prachitosh Priyatosh 

Docs are supposed to be saving lives but honestly i dont wanna generalize but major health care sectors in india will immediately start to put you on drugs the moment you approach them and obviously take advantage of your suffering to benfit them commercially. Sometimes i feel scared to apprach such docs rather cry in pain may  be

sheri cooley 


Anita Seifer 

In a perfect world Dr. B makes sense. In emergency situations, immediate treatment isessential. The body is intelligent in many ways, except in allergic responses. The series of reactions become detrimental to the body and death may ensue.

Don O 

13:08 Your info needs some updating, Wolfs are not good for short burst, big cats are. Wolfs, dogs, hyenas are pack hunters not big enough to tackle a beast so they let their pray run until it gets tired. dogs and wolfs are built with stamina to run long distances.

Shawn Hoppe 

Can u explain guilluim barre me? I was exposed t a bug spray also diabetic.these r a few things t cause my syndrome. But it has been three years still no walking can't get good therapy it's like they gave up on me I very badly want to walk again


I wish I could just take classes with you.....

Edward Russell 

Tnx for this clip. Physical body is just part of being human. What about the inner reality called self which we create as we live our life? How does this affect our physical and non physical life???