How to Modernize Earthbound / Mother for Nintendo Switch


How to Modernize Earthbound for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has had a string of success in the past in terms of bringing older series to a new audience. Today, Nintendo does a little less polishing of the old but 2018 could mark a change in direction, could we see an Earthbound title for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 or is this beloved series destined to forever remain a story of old? Logan explains...

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Thanks for watching! What do you want Nintendo to do with Mother/Earthbound on Switch? Do you want ports before Mother 4? We’re responding to EVERY comment (barring trolls….mostly lol) for the first day or so after this goes live, so, LET’S TALK!

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Jessie Productions 

My favorite battle system is from Undertale

Randomizer 6000 

We fans actually know why Mother 4 is impossible and we respect it.


explore their daily school lives? if I want that crap I'll try Persona again.....all we really need, at least for now, are a Mother 3 official localization and a full remake of Mother/EarthBound Beginnings more in line with it's far superior sequels. Only real changes EarthBound could use IMO are difficulty tweaks in some spots ( like the Threed tunnel you go through to get to Saturn Valley....major bs difficulty spike there ), equipped gear NOT taking up inventory space ( this is one of the very few things the first game does better than the sequels.... ) and maybe either item stacking or a "bag of holding" type thing for excess items because item management is a pain in the ass. Of course I do have a slight bias as EarthBound has been my favorite game of all time since it first came out on the SNES 20+ years ago....

I'm at least hoping Mother 3 finally gets localized officially as part of a Mother/EarthBound trilogy for Switch to celebrate the franchise's 30th anniversary

Lamp Cannibal 

Your ideas (at least in the first part) all go against a lot of what Earthbound is about.

Devon Dreyer 

Neither of these games would work as action RPGs at all

Jody Griffiths 

What would be cool would be including PSI power and PSI resistance as stats instead of said attacks doing set amounts of damage (as well as bringing back PK Beam), not to mention the aspect of being vulnerable to something ACTUALLY doing MORE damage instead of it being a glorified way of saying 'Not resistant to (insert element here)'

Robert La Fontana 

lost me at real time RPG


I agreed and disagreed with a lot of what you said


I will definitely get these games within the first week: kid icarus, any earthbound games, animal crossing, gen 8 pokemon



Justin Jackson 

I love earthbound plz make it for 2019 in switch!❤


The reason the Earthbound creator doesn't want to make a new game is because he couldn't see his daughter (divorce), which inspired him to make games, the Mother series. Now that his daughter is grown up, he feels as if making a new game would be forced, and wouldn't be the same.

1,000 subs with no videos 

The way you're describing this new Mother game makes it sound like a whole different game. You're trying to take away staples of the game, such as the silent protagonist, and the turn based system where you can't see your character.

Robert Perez 

Almost a year late but have you seen Fourside redone for Smash Ultimate? Looks totally amazing. Imagine all of Earthbound like that?


I want a remake of Earthbound Beginnings


Earthbound remastered in 3d like lets go Pikachu would be amazing

Lucas Layton 

You may snatch my wig if a remake is ever announced.


The point of the battle system was to be different than your typical RPG. Also sorry but Shigesato Itoi has announced that Mother 3 was the last game and as for the Mother 4 fan game, it was copyrighted by Nintendo

Austin Tegano 

I’d honestly be fine with just a top down 3D remake with a better looking battle system


Already working on it buddy.

Chasery3000 Gaming 

Keep it PG? Frick.


there will simply never be an official mother 4, itoi said it himself, but fans are making one and it looks extremely good. it's been through development hell since a couple of years ago but apparently the project is still alive.

Romeo Chapola 

What if they used the Zelda engine?

Leif Johnson 

You've made some valid points about the series that I agree upon. With, all due respect to Itoi or nintendo a new installment needs to happen with or without them. Hand off the series to 1 up studios, give it to hal labs, retro studios, ECT. But, one thing I get really irritated with hearing is no life bars...really? That's dumb I'm sorry . Gamers these days whine and cry about grinding and a little difficulty in their games. I'm sorry that's dumb reason to knock the series battle system. Not to mention if you Jeff's ability "spy" you can see how much hp they have.

Brandon G. 

I want a ninten echo fighter. I'd main him.


Dude you're claiming that you love Mother but you're wanting everything to change with a new game. What do you think made this game so great? The charm of all those details. You want a different game? There's plenty of other RPGs to try. Stop saying this series can work again and then wanting to make it something completely different.

Kris xD 

I love the Mother series.

I know Itoi saw those Octopath Traveler graphics and envisioned a new Mother game. 2D still looks good, you know?


You do know that Mother 3 fixed


Of the problems you listed like the everyday life at Hinawas dad's house but then something happens and everything changes or just the thing with the key items you have unlimited storage for them

And imo the best part of the Mother series is that the main character is silent so you can relate to them by putting yourself as him =/

(If that made sense)

And the battle system also gives out alot of personality even if it's only text but no visuals sometimes our mind should be creative and thing what happens

Sorry if I sound offensive I'm not really trying to so yeah sorry I geuss

Edit: Plus there won't come another game Shigesato itoi saif


Itoi is done with the Mother series so...

African Prince Okoh 

I would recommend playing Mother 3, the last official installment of the series. It has 50% of what you’re looking for.

The Coolbomberman 

"Let's go for a final fantasy.."

Hold up, I know this video is a few months old, but this I will pick out.

What makes Earthbound special to me is the scrolling mechanic. Earthbound has a unique battle style that if you replace it with modern style, it just won't work. Mother 3 does the job of keeping a mix of the character being visible and not visible.

Personally I like it how we face our opponent. It feels like we're the characters looking at our target.

In pokemon, we don't usual get a picture of ourselves, but the battle infront of us.

In Earthbound, you get a visual of your battle. Plus it allows for traditional psi and other effects.

I get it you don't like it, but if you think about it, it's just a neat thing that's been there every game.

Personally I would like an Earthbound port of all 3 games but enhanced with better pixel art and processing power so the games don't lag.

Penguin Dood 

Ever played mother 3? Play mother 3. Most of your complaints are fixed in this game.

Jose Manuel Garcia Arevalpo 

Alguien ultra mega fanático de la saga earthbound porque yo lo soy😍

Shinobi Way 

Ness Odyssey?

Jennifer Pruitt 

Bring back Earthbound! A remaster of the original trilogy for the 3DS one cartridge would do it for me! Nintendo pulled it off before with the Phantasy Star Collection (PS 1-3) for the GBA, why not do it here? We need more Earthbound! Other than a Mother 4 fan game and Ness being added to Super Smash Brothers, it's been silence.


Your asking for too much honestly, I doubt that nintendo will give us mother fans something we've been wanting, though it is fun to dream but face it it's never gonna happen


It sounds like you are asking for Mother 3.There you can see your characters when you are in a battle, the protagonist have much more personality than an empty shell, the theme of the darkness is bigger than before, was pretty long... etc.

Jaxon Garside 

I understand wanting to have more of something you like, but mother 3 already feels like a great ending. The world is saved, Porky is in an unending safety, Itoi isn't gonna make a Mother 4. What's the point?


Itoi says he will never make another Mother game, ever. So yeah, but I guess that means they wont mess with the battle system, WHICH IS PERFECT HOW DARE YOU QUESTION IT.

just pullin your leg

Connor Dukenson 

I feel like for customization for the characters would be really cool, like for every stat item you equip for your character is shown in the character model along with their weapons and everything else. It would be pretty dope

Childish Totino 

Itoi said he only wants to play games, not make them. BUT, you need to know, Miyamoto helped make Mother 1 and Iwata helped make Earthbound (R.I.P Iwata). So, Miyamoto should make Mother 4 maybe


Earthbound 3

Tango Jamo 

I don't think that Nintendo would put Ness and Lucas in Smash if they didn't have future plans for the franchise. It's "bound" to happen.

aaron stelmach 

Dude I wasn’t even born yet when earthbound was released (born in 1999) but I’d so preorder it, if it came to the switch looks like a decent game

Andrew Thompson 

I had pk diarrhea when it came out i was like 11 lol


The story's over, that's why. That's why there's never going to be a Mother 4, so stop asking for it. A trilogy collection or a remake would be something entirely different, but nobody's ever asked him about that before; only about Mother 4, a completely new game, which Itoi will never make.

And please god, don't turn EarthBound into a real-time RPG. Either you update the current gameplay or you make an entirely new gameplay style, they're not one in the same.

Bad News 

Please nintendo make mother 4 please.pleaaaase

timothy luis 

they need to outsource this to square enix.

smart nerd 64 

But replacing the traditional earthbound battle system with a Final Fantasy battle system Earthbound won't be the same.

Well true Earthbound and Final Fantasy are both good Games but still.