How to Make a Paperclip Lock Pick that Works


Learn how to create an Emergency Lock Pick Rake and Tension Wrench using only two Paperclips and a Multi-Tool. Read our entire article for more information:

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Dawn Hueser 

Thank you for the lesson, you saved me $200 to have a locksmith come to sight.

Philip Woodard 

Thanks for the help, like your t-shirt.

bob gomez 

Whaaaaa hahahaaaa

Jorian de Kievit 

so, would anybody believe me if I told you guys found this video because I needed to open a lock, I gave up trying to use this and then opens it with a toothpick.

Reza Mashayekhi 

آخه گوساله وقتي حاليت نيست واسه چي وقت گرانبهايه مارو ميگيري !!!

Don Dee 

WHY ARE THESE PAPERS SCATTERED ALL OVER THE FLOOR?  Tommy have been stealing my big paperclips again?  Why I should ring your little neck.  NOW GET IN HERE AND PICK UP MY IMPORTANT PAPERS OR ELSE.

Anthony Tannous 

Can I use pliers for this?

Jay Hitt 

I bought a used truck with a utility box that was missing the key. The dealership refused to remove it or help me in any way and said I would need to go to the locksmith. So I did. The locksmith tried to make a key, then tried to pick the lock. Couldn't do it and said the lock was broken and I'd need to drill it out (charged me $23 and kept the key!). I got home, gathered my tools, hammer, crowbar, saw, drill, screw driver and was getting ready to physically remove it through brute force but decided at the last minute to watch this video. I made paper clip lock picks and yes, managed to open the plunger lock and got into the utility box! There was a nice set of tire chains inside. THANKS DUDE!


The reason i watched this video is because i thought locks and it picks are interesting

B B 

They way you created the picks were great, but they way you picked the locks kind of cheated. The way you gripped the back of the wood mount the locks fixed into, implies the door would have to already be open.

Ben Clarks 

*After watching the video: Lock-picking 100*


Jesus. You don't just rattle it around like that.

Kaelem Wilkinson 

Wow, Been trying to make something like this for almost a year and couldn't do it. U earned a sub dude nice job!


You say emergency I say crime

Lake Servers 

hey it worked. amazin

Gloria Hernandez 

No idea what the heck you did other than make the two paperclips into the desired tools.

What’s up with all the jiggling around? What are we suppose to feel for? Tell us what to manipulate and listen for. Explain it as though you’re instructing a Martian. I have NEVER picked a lock and thought I could go through life not ever having to learn but I lost the key to my filing cabinet and don’t want to pay $165. to $190 (that’s in San Diego County, Ca.) to a locksmith to ONLY open my cabinet! $250+ if I want to replace the lock. I bought the darn thing in perfect condition at Goodwill for $40.00 ! So much for letting little kids in my office during a family get together! Thank you.

James Sempy 

nice work ... thanks for sharing.

trouble with PC , i's made of the soft steel.

hair pins is an alternative.


What if the tension paper clip doesn't fit in the lock? (I bent them by hand since i didn't have plyers, and I made the tip thin by smashing it with a metal pipe). Any tips?


"That works" of course it fking does xD not to be rude

MRP 1014 

Are u fucking high

Edward Davis 

It works

Denis O'Brien 

Wow, I just put in the end of a pair of scissors in and twisted it around and up and down a bit and my cash box opened.

easy !


My lock pick broke D;

R G 

you can buy stainless steel wire that size for hardly nothing ,much more durable !!!

kenneth carroll 

good thing nobody was home, you would have been clipped for sure

Samsung Galaxy 

how I buy paper clip....what should I say in the store...... plzz tell me....

TheXenWorld Ro 

thank you now i can steal from house's :DDD

Jessa Shiraishi Arima Salibay 

Bruhhh, the tutorial aint that good because what im seing mostly is your arm


that's what happens when a military trained person tries to pick a lock leave it to the criminals to teach the right way

Cory Ziegler 

People on the internet should be nicer.

Eric Yao 

When he was picking at the lock the sound was kinda satisfying

S H 

you should practice more...

Caleb Landers 

I agree with Thomas nunya

Oscar Moreno 

you struggling there a bit mate

Trey Gross 

Hard time

Philip Murphy 

Lol I have small grandkids, an they love to close doors. This skill can be a life saver!!! 😂 this clip did do a good job showing how to make the tools all kidding aside!


I made one of my own so I tried it on my friend while he was shitting xD it broke and I said “my lockpic broke” he was like “UR TRYING TO OPEN THE DOOR?!” I laughed so hard. Then I cam here made a legit one and opened it while he was still pooping lmao.

Paweł Be 

What does this lock lock?

Assassin Iron Man 

I disliked this video because he didn't show how to really bend it


Just a friendly suggestion: EDIT. Don't waste the time of your viewers by leaving in the sections of the video that failed. And maybe rehearse and/or script it out, so you're not having to correct yourself so often. The video could've been half as long (and twice as effective) with just a bit more forethought.

Shant Mir 

Will this work for the displays case cabinet


For a padlock, you can try to make 2 straight pieces of paperclip wire and shove them through the opening where the lock is inserted in the hole. Then, with a twisted piece of paperclip wire, (spreading across the whole piece to the handle) put in the lock and try to also get it through the hole. The lock will pop and swing open.


Trying to make it for my batman cosplay

Rishi Satapathy 

hey will any please tell me how to pick indian locks,send me a link! Thank you so much!!


Should have made an example ahead of time dude.

Stacey-Caine Montaiga 



im getting the f*ck outa school now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

zoriah ruiz 

or just use a key

Tom Goodfellow 

Ur just jerking it around just winging it. There's actually a art to it. Not just raking the pins lol

jacky j Johnson 

guys thats the easy safe way to open a door you punch the or smack the lock with ur hand or a hammer