How to Install Tekkit on Windows 8 (Commentary)


whats up guys just made a remake of my how to install tekkit on windows 8 I added commentary in for further understanding on how to do it! please like rate Comment and Subscribe :)

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I got the same problem, but i have it also on minecraft default. It's because u need to add more memory to it, u can change it, look for this on youtube: "how to fix minecraft out of memory bug" It helped me to fix it :)


when i play tekkit after like 5 minutes it says minecraft has run out of memory


Nvm figured it out =D Thx for the tutorial.

VGR Gaming 

whats up?


I need help SnapBack :/

rylan scott 


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would you like me to do a video?

Matthew Bogers 

how do you make a server windows 8

VGR Gaming 

well i ask what parts went wrong so i can help them but they don't tell me!

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what do you mean?

Soul Crusher 

Ok, I do not have any of those options in the menu when I press "E".

Am I going to die?

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what part did you get up to before it didnt work?

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what part went wrong?


when I do this I log in perfectly fine but then before it gets to the mojang screen it becomes white then freezes. PLEASE HELP

tristan smithson 

yo its me tristan i have new youtube account proffessorflame