How I built 30 apps in 30 days | Karma is a Sandwich | Ep 01 | Zoho Creator


How accessible is app development? Could you build an app on your own? How about 30 apps in 30 days?

This is the story of how an MBA graduate landed as a marketer at a tech company and faced her greatest fear—programming. Watch her journey from being a noob to becoming an app developer who builds business apps with the low-code platform, Zoho Creator.

Zoho Creator gives your business powerful workflow automation. Create apps for the web and mobile, or start by customizing pre-built apps. Create custom apps to run your business.

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Sachin Bharti 

Hi, can you guys create a lead management app for my company, for a fee?

Imran Hussain 

Can we create Android apps for Google play store? Or for iOS platform?

Aravind A 

Zoho creator is really good, keep up going guys:)