How Has the Internet Changed the Art Market? | The Business of Life


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James Fuentes, Lindsay Pollack, & Ron English discuss the money behind the art market—what it takes to be an artist, a patron, & an admirer in today's rapidly shifting art world.

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Sandra Lighton 

Business owners demand more advertising choices. The market is so saturated. Don't you think?

Viince Vanden Bogaard 

Comment made for ART involved individuals: Well, they made some good points here and there, but they skim through art crime and fraud a bit too fast cos' they're missing something. What's is the "frame" of "fraude/crime" in art. Nowadays, the difference between Gallery & Marchand isn't really well done and of course "power-up" an "artist" that will only be sold through those deceptive channels could be on the longrun considered as "fraud". (it's the same in the regulated markets such as start-up stocks/shares and financial products. TO talk about another aspect of the talk, Jon English, here, is totally right to tell that nowadays art is merging/overlapping through design(Shanghai fair, Collectible, Smart Objects...) -fashion (such as Sterling Ruby, Claire Tabouret, Jonas Wood, James Jean!,...) and any other sales channels or lever effects! another yet topic skimmed through this talk: James Fuentes (gallery of great internationally represented artists such as Daniel Gordon, Jannis Var

Mc Joelle Ioncare 

„Artists don’t feel comfortable with contracts because they often times feel too restricted“ that’s just massive bullshit, galleries are treating artists like shit, and there are contracts, where artist have to produce certain kind of works in order to stay with gallery, most of the time, the artists have to repeat one successful style over and over again, these contracts are defined by a handshake at your first exhibition. These bullshit elitist art market bend overs give me the creeps. 🤮

Brooke Estin 

I LOVE this show! And the host, Mona Chalabi, is fantastic. She is MUCH better than the host of the first season as well. Huge fan! Keep up the great work!


So much BS in this show. Ron English is not fine art, NYC is dying art-wise due to galleries getting priced out and nothing but schlock sold.

Kevin Treman 

Please make these longer.

Nordic Nomad 

POC art and artist.....but no POC artist is worth a says the MARKET.

Danylo Korotin 

How can you propagate the idea of getting a masters degree for art? Even for the building connections argument, an artist doesn't need to be fed 'networking' with a silver spoon if they're truly committed.

Michael Juliano 

These people be acting like social media marketing is some kind of new discovery.


What the hell is with all the downvotes? This was a great and interesting video and I only wish there were a longer and more in depth piece on this topic.

Bitcoin Elite Marketplace - DeLouvois . com 

Interesting but WAY too short.

Sacred Thyme 

Most Artists as myself are shy and struggle - even at 50 years i will create Art Forever ~

i Am Art - i LOVE Art. Art is my Life

Andrew Tarasuk 

I loved the video and the series is great, but episodes need more time. It feels rushed, short and even lacking some extra input. please lengthen these it would improve them so much.


good video... but it needed to be at least an hour long. this is a massive topic that i would of loved to hear the professionals talk about more.

Zach Whitworth 

The art world is really messed up. Take it from me––I'm an art student.

Mooning Cat 

Why is this host so incredibly horrible? Let people finish theyre points and encourage discussions instead of cutting off with semi-related facts wtf


That is the most diverse group of people behind them. Either their all hired to be there or this is filmed in the most liberal place on Earth, San Francisco College campus.


Why the hell are young people investing their education in art. What a pathetic joke. Go get a real job and build infrastructure and help the economy.

3rd Street Pictures 

VICE News is the new MTV News. :(

Joe Cope 

Anyone else hate the hostess's lipstick?


Most artist get recognized after death.


Most artist get recognized after death.

J Pils 

this show is pointless .... nobody wants to hear this annoying ass chick talk about stuff she knows nothing about. all the Que cards have all the in she needs. vice is trying so hard to talk about just anything.... make real stuff again not this stupid shit

Midnite Reveries 

I would actually like the series if it isn't such a tease with "Let's go to the net step" every 3 minutes before there was even a meaningful debate. Why is this debate so damn short? I wouldn't mind seeing a one hour segment on this at all.

J Martin 

Who in the hell is getting free internet?


this would have been so good if there weren't so many cuts. they only brushed on all the topics and right when it felt like they were about to really dive in, the video would cut and the topic would change.

Herbert the pervert 

I hate her accent,The way she pronounces the "S" hurts my ears!

Great is the World 

Artists are cagey about money so these conversations don't happen, and when they do, they're uselessly generalized and vague. I feel like good insight happened in this piece but it feels really heavily edited down. How long was the full recording, three or four times as long? I get you should pare it down for flow but all the answers seem abruptly shortened. It undercuts why you would record it in the first place.


for all those wondering: the videos are indeed condensed. the actual episodes are twice as long and are available on the viceland website


you guys really cut down this interview into nothing. why did you cut these answers down soo much?


i dont want stats i want a conversation. The host just kept cutting them off every time they tried to really dive into topics. bye

Killacamfoo O.G. 

modern (((art))) has been ruined.

Brian HL 

that crusty old artist is a prick.


Do people just dislike because it's vice who uploaded it? Like how is this video anything 'bad' or worth downvoting??

Erfahn H 

going to art school is the biggest financial mistake you'll ever make in your life. major in something tech related and work on your art on the side.


Just go on Fiverr and have a kid in India draw you some anime.


god they speak so fast almost like in a hurry, its like any other youtube video nowadays with super fast cuts


Modern art is for the retarded people,here let me mix all kinds of colors together on canvas and call me artist


this seems really rushed. would be better if it wasn't


Art is random and value is subjective. I could get a kid to play with ink and maybe find some wacko rich guy that felt like that picture is worth millions. Honestly, I find it hard to give value to non functional products. And I'd rather have a beautiful nature's piece like a plant inside my place than some conceptual piece of who knows what


Why are these videos so short? There is not even any time to answer the audiences questions? "-What is a fair price on my friends artworks, they seem really high valued?"; "Dont buy from me, buy from your peers" and "People try to get as much as they can"... great answers


The fact that colleges don't teach you how to actually SELL your art was a really good point

Cato Akerius-Virtutem 

I miss worded my comment what I meant to say is don't listen to these upperclass pretentious asshats.

Cato Akerius-Virtutem 

Don't be a dumbass and Listen to these upperclass pretentious asshats.


Love this series, sad to see all the negativity in the comments.

Progress Holistic 

Soooo pathetic to see advertising from the banking industry - wtf is going on in financiers' heads?

rurutu M 

It's a scam

Lord Zephyros 

BOOOOOOORRINNG .... ill bet everyone will downvote this one as usual

Karabo Pare 

Got a art exam will check after

Mohit r 

yohoo 4th