How to Get a Steal from Cabela's (or other big box stores) on Firearms & Ammo


Here's a few ideas on how to get a steal of a deal on firearms and ammo (or other items) from big box stores... And I explain how I picked up 2 Ruger 10/22's for 169.99 each plus tax.

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Some Great Companies For Firearm & Ammo Related Products:

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Larry Leisuresuit 

I have got some great gun deals from the single store sales, my store has a used gun section, ever so often they put 1 new one in there. LOL I put one on hold because I saw and ad that that Sunday would be 20% off that case. I hurried and signed up the cabellas credit card offer , you get 25 freebee dollars on that card, busted out a gift card and hit that sale on Sunday and Boom. my 9 ruger with two magazines. dirty cheap. LOL only been fired by the factory

jose navarro 

I got my beretta 92 s for 200 they have it for 399 and they end up for 200

Carbine Catfish 

The land of overpriced firarms and firearm accessories

Ran Kelvin appears to be gone. There are others though like Even ammoseek can find guns and accessories besides ammo.

Nathan Smith money by spending a sh**load of money.

Sage Oldmann 

To get a good deal at Cabelas, shop at LL Bean.

Erik Boink 

Why would you buy from them period they are 30-79$ high on every gun

angel hernandez 

Where do you buy the gift cards?

Russell Stamey 

I bought $500 worth of Cabelas gift cards for for $400, then had them price match Academy's deal on an FN 509. Ended up paying $408 after it was all said and done with.


isnt your bacground check only good for one transaction though?


A better video would be of him showing the making of the Gattling Gun.  And why buy Ruger products for the Gattling Gun.  Wouldn't buying Marlin semi auto carbines be cheaper.

Kenneth Bailey 

No sales tax in my home state of Montana.

Wonka Chocolates 

The fastest discount is to just run out the door with it…!!!


you got a great deal on cheeseburgers

Peter Turek 

Can you use/apply more than one gift card to a single purchase? E.g. apply 5 x 100 GC to a $500+ purchase online or in-store?

James Nosactivated 

A good deal with buying a gun at cabelas is getting out in less then 3 hours.

Eric Zeigler 

Round man. Tell them you're carbo loading for the nuclear winter that's coming.


Bought a very nice Remington M91 from them for $300 which isn't bad since its in very nice condition

Kee Ppe 

I love 22 cheap and fun ...

Glen Van Noy 

plus ActiveJunky and eBates

Outdoor Hunter 

This guy looks like he rolls places

Larry Fazen 

Black Friday deal at Cabela's Christiana Delaware, 169, no sales tax. I bought two using a $20 coupon which brought them to 159. Which was better than buying two separate with two separate coupons because I only had to pay for one background check which saved me $16. Patience is the answer

George Lombardo 

When buying gift cards, meet at the store, have the balance verified and then immediately purchase another gift card so that you have one that is your own.

Hogman Go 

I got a Marlin bolt action 22lr with adjustable trigger and bull barrel at Cabela's for $149. NIB. Deals are out there if you look around


I found one BNIB at a gun show for $179.99 when even Slickguns had them in the $260 range. I wasn't entirely certain they weren't stolen...

Fred 1975 

Good advice

eltenda fabrizio 

u had the 25$ crime tax..?

Trim Jazz 

veteran discounts too.

Orion Fixr 

Interesting..........very interesting.

777 Archangel 

Good job Cuz