How to make a great flyer

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I like your Video / I have had some prior Graphic art education and marketing experience. I think it's important to recognize along with your grid old school element here that being. A composition or H composition. the eye is drawn such master works that have this element that serves will in aligning what your reader eye is first drawn to box it from left descending right and your reader will naturally be inclined to view it much like a comic book page complimentary color breaks and color boxed with your info centered to that box dividing the alignment allows the composition a easy to read transition

Dorla Grant 

What software are you using?


I created my flyer in 2hrs after watching this video. Clear message, no distraction!! Thanks!!

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Thank you. Try It's simply amazing.

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Awesome video. Certainly, the best I have seen so far on this topic.

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Thanks for sharing your know-how with the public,


One of the best tutorials I have ever seen! Thanks so much. :))

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Thank you very much

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Very nice video

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your voice is amazing. i cant stop listening to it, its so soothing.

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looking to make a good flyer for my business

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Thank You Very Much For Best Flyer Design Tutorial.

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This is an awesome tutorial. Thank you!!

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Thank You !

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Thank for the information u helped me a lot

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Where'd you get the grid design from bud? What software are you using


very informative..

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Im trying to make a flyer so i can have a fish fry selling dinners

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Thank you so much!


S900 Newman Court, S???????????"


thank you

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What size should you start with in photoshop Cs6?


straight up. no bullshit.

I have a feeling this guy walks around and tells everyone how bad their flyers are, then karate kicks them and says "I'm Brian White!"

Great stuff Brian, let's have a beer and talk flyers.


dude that's not blurred out well enough..

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Great Video. Very useful.