How to get a free flight with Virgin Atlantic


We hope this video helps explain how to get yourself a free flight with Virgin Atlantic, in under a year.

You can read more on collecting air miles from the Virgin Atlantic website.

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Gee Saunders 

Thanks this was really helpful. I booked a flight from the website expedia but i’m flying with virgin. I’ve signed up to the flying club and i’m a red member will i still receive my mileage points?

Random Life Productions 

You need to start your flights outside of London.... Cheaper on premium cabins....

Jack The Lad 

Flash your naked butt???


Very instructive and helpful, thanks a lot!!

Watford Fc 

This has really helped us massively, my wife has her own small catering business with her partner and her partner chose discount shopping in Costco etc whilst my wife took the Tesco club points , she spends at least 300 a week in Tesco for fresh fruit etc , we are now going to swap these for virgin points cheers

Unicorn_ Lover 

All of this go ONE FREE flight to your holiday destination! 😂 Only ONE flight! 😂😂😂 Good advice video but I don't think I'm gonna go through all that effort for only ONE free flight! Great video though!

Stuart Kennedy 

Used my miles in 2015 but the wife had miles missing but virgin could not re credit them so I gave her mine so she could join our friends in an upgrade to upper class and I sat in economy but the people I sat with were very nice so the journey was easy, I love Virgin Atlantic.

Thanks for the video I'm going to take your advice and get a virgin card to accumulate the miles.

And Also 

Yess!! Great vid! Free flight here I come!

Yasmin Ashley 

Great video!! :) thank you for the advice. I'm going to start saving up airmiles now!

Nathan White 

Good vid but there's no such thing as a free flight :-) you always have to pay taxes and fees