How Far Can You Customize Your McDonald's Order?


INSIDER recently found some of the world's most unusual McDonald's orders. Everything from a whole potato to a pickle sandwich. 

But how far can you edit your McDonald's burger? Self-service kiosks allow customers to add or subtract elements to their meals. Insider visited the fast-food chain at London's Liverpool Street station to take out elements of a Big Mac and see what was left.

First we took out the lettuce, then items like onion and Big Mac sauce. Next, is it possible to take out the bun and just be left with a burger salad? Or the burger and additionals altogether, and just order a piece of cheese?

Finally, would McDonald's just serve us a Big Mac box with nothing inside, which we pay £3.19/ $4 for? 

Last year, McDonald's announced it would upgrade 1,000 stores with kiosk and mobile order technology every quarter. It's estimated that this could help the company win back nearly $2.7 billion in lost sales.

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Lizzy Dirksen 

A friend of me ordered a cheeseburger without cheese

Matt Kolmakov 

Just go to a good burger restaurant smh

Nipell 니펠 

You know what's even more extreme?

Walking out of McDonald’s without fries

Joseph Pascua 

What kind of monster takes a slice of cheese and takes a bite!?

Amazing Gaming 


can I order a big kac with no bread, lettuce, cheese, meat, tomato, sause, onions, and pickles

Alex Irwin 

I’m vegi and I get a Big Mac with everything apart from the meat hahaha

Iwas topro 


Iwas topro 

How many Big Macs did he ate

Facundo Ballantines 

*Ronald* wants to know your location.

One pro player 

World record for fastest Big Mac ever eaten

Milo Andreevich 

Pierdolnij się w łeb


This video is just an ecsuse to eat McDonald’s mind my spelling


liverpool street maccas is deeead go to a good one like Ealing Broadway or summat bangin

Josiah Dorey 

Science has gone to far

romainempire 123 

Who here would have just taken out the pickles first

Sam Boyle 

This guy sounds like callux

Robert Adams 

Actually, before all this technology you could still order anything any way you want. The customer is always right!. There is also secret menus at each and every fast food restaurant.

Markus Porkka 

I'm pretty sure you made this video just to have an excuse to eat bigmacs and be a fatty bumbum boy.


Imagine going to college to get a degree in journalism and wanting to be a investigative journalist in the food world, and dreaming of investigating the big stories of of michelin starred restaurants, but then....

you make a news story on the customization of Big Macs in Mcdonald's

6th Gear Tech 

Now I'm going to try that at lunch.

Dirk Digler 

I Jaysus you are a genius


Whenever I occasionally make a burger it's





Raw onions (yes, raw)

Burger patty

Burger patty

Whole dill pickle (you heard right whole)

Whole dill pickle




It's a pretty big burger, but I like to eat this once a month.

Pepe the Squid 

Wait so can you pay for nothing?


Pointless fukin video pointless fukin presenter. U absolute gobshite time wasters. U could of explored London food in depth..but u chose McDonald's, and it's irrelevant fukin status in society. U fukin dipshits

Whole Food Plant-Based Man 

At Jimmy Johns, they don't charge you when you order "XTRA", and the boss was ordering it that day, so I went ahead and ordered everything with "XTRA" everything. It was the standard $7 price tag for the sandwich. It was a colossal sandwich! I would be very surprised if McDonald's did that. You should try ordering extra lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. That would be impressive. I bet it would cost at least double at McDonald's.

Whole Food Plant-Based Man 

You are better off just going to a grocery store, buy some bottle water to wash the veggies, and eat it. It is also cheaper.

Whole Food Plant-Based Man 

They just want your money. They don't care what you take out of it.

Officer Joey Kuffman 

Not original damn son


Bic macs dont have onions...


Us mcdonalds workers hate people like you

BITCH lasagna 

All i think in my mind when i see mcd is (Eat eat eat eat eat eat eat)

Charlotte Knudsen 

Nice. In Spain, you can only take out things but not add extras(except for bacon and cheese). I want my extra pickles dammit!


I believe you spent your money on nothing.

mega noob 

I don't even know why I care about this

John Red 

Should have customized it to only have the spit


Callum brother?

Czar Zenana 

The best thing to add to a bigmac is taste. And that's what they do with sauces, because the the meat tastes like nothing at all.

Same for a Quarterpounter (Royal in other countries), the meat has no taste at all.

Why do people buy this shit?


I'd consider buying just a load of the cheeses because it's impossible nowadays to buy cheese like at mcdonalds or other fast food places, all the sliced cheeses you get in the UK now just taste like dairy lea cheese, primula cheese ect.

Hi I’m tom 

Yeah I spent 7.99$ on a slab of cheese

Ella Cupcake 

Thanks for making me depressed about the fact I can’t have gluten and have to order burgers without buns!!! Not only did you say they weren’t real burgers, you said they taste bad!! I’m sad now


Sponsered by mac donalds

sophie hurst 

I just get my Big Mac with ketchup and cheese and burgerlolllll


I wish burger jing would have this customization

Paolo Productions 

Id like a double triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, 4x4 animal style, extra shingles with the shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

toby tobster jr 

1:28 when you lie to your girlfriend/ or boyfriend that you were in a diet

Blim Blam 

Theres so much wrong with this !

Jenice Jones 

Wow cheese in a box so amazing


Why do I watch stuff like this when I'm hungry. I want a big mac now

LAa p3Ace 

sub to pewdiepie


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