How Expensive is New Zealand?


We run through the #costofliving in #NewZealand - it's an expensive place, but you can do it on a #budget!

Follow us on our #roadtrip and find the #travelhacks to get your cheap food, accommodation and activities that will blow your socks off!

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Topics:  Lifestyle
Rick Singh 

It’s expensive asf as far as housing is concerned

Sankar Prasad 

I think stypend based ph d ok but don't encourage self financed undergraduate student.


I don't agree with you advocating that people freedom camp.


it is not true, hong kong is importing everything but very cheap for the imported goods. NZ is expensive because it has very bad policy on import, they don't want to import to protect enviroment but actually domostic big shots.

Tyson Capper-Adsett 

I live in New Zealand and yes we r dear af

sarah baird 

summer is from december until feb....

Terra Sancta 

The answer is VERY EXPENSIVE. NZ is the land of the rip off

Simon Vance 

I used to think Aussies were arrogant piss takers with prices but they have nothing on NZ. The wages are significantly lower in NZ but the prices for many things are much higher. Petrol is almost $1 per litre more in NZ. I'm from NZ but now live in Australia and only come back to visit, I would never live in NZ again based on the rip off prices and cost of living.

Gabriel Ccb 

Are the people of New Zealand very racist?

Laura Clarke 

My god how did you guys spend $800 on food 😮 I've been in Auckland almost 3 months with my partner and we spend an average of $500 cooking 3portions of dinner most nights (he takes a full meal into work the next day..) we might not be physically fat but we sure eat lime we are. An average spend of $150 max but usually below that. And we cook proper meals not just snacks. Shopping in countdown and pacNsave mostly

so like this week we will be eating things like (3 meals so far and 3 to go..) chicken Parmesan, chicken curry, mince fajitas, <- all eaten and still to go roast beef, chicken pasta bake, beef teriyaki....that makes up 2kg of chicken, 800g mince, 1kg roasting beef, 750g regular beef not to mention pasta, rice, gnocchi, various sauces, lots of veg (3 large bell Peppers, broccoli, carrots, 2kg of potatoes, onions, asparagus), a block of Parmesan...add to that list regular milk, almond milk, cereal, coffee, fruits (apples, kiwis, pears, oranges...) and the different things I have

gewoonniet oke 

Sharing a dominos pizza? WHAT like how little do you eat.

Cairo M 

It's expensive because:

1. We export to much.

2. Tax on absolutely everything.

3. Fruit and veges have been expensive lately because of the bad weather.

4. Government doesn't have any maximum prices on anything especially electricity and stuff.

And more


Hang the fuck on. You guys spend $800 a month on food alone? There's only two of you. Either one of you is eating more than the other or one of you is lying to the other. Not pointing any fingers here but the other one who is not eating more should at least get a better haircut.


Hahaha. Have to import everything? No. We don't. However, NZ is expensive. So I guess you both are still correct.

Ruhin Sandhi 

I have a serious prblm of m vegan...

KMH — 

OK I'm thinking of taking a PhD offer and living in Auckland for 3.5 yrs. My stipend is 2250 NZ$/ month tax free. I expect to live in the college dorm. So plz tell me how feasible is that ? Thanks


Good info! Sounds like you had a great time! Looking forward to my trip.

Made In Aotearoa NZ 

Did you do all your fruit & veg shopping at the supermarket? Its much cheaper to shop at local vege stores. Plenty free or cheap activities, just depends where you are & time of year. It looks like you came during our winter.

Changing Life For The Better Jonesy 

yes that's the 1 brst food eva

Changing Life For The Better Jonesy 

a hungi is our favourite nz food