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My passion is Speed and Power and I want to devote myself to helping you guys out to become a complete dominant athlete. I work with a wide variety of athletes here in South Florida but want to help anyone and everyone improve in any sport or physical goal they might have.

How Elite Athletes Reach Goals | Overtime Athletes

Overtime Athletes


Thanks, awesome video!

Omar Ghaffar 

Chris, your videos are unique to youtube, very well presented. I'm past athletic prime but find the tips useful for general conditioning. Go U!

Woods Street 

Danny is the unsung hero. Nice vid!

Paul Gobara 

Great video! Keep doing videos like that

Kyle Brown 

this man Chris has helped me in so many ways, appreciate the tips πŸ’―

David Diaz 

Simple and effective. Amazing

Артём Заяц 

Thank you

Rodney OceansOfLOVE 

Developing YOUR (My) own Process instead of foolishly charging ahead in acheiving goals? Hell yeah, I agree! Frickin' solid video by Coach Chris. 'Immediate gratification' and just impatiently wanting to be like Your idolized athlete or this athlete on a random basis is a jacked up recipe for disappointment, delay, frustration, envy, jealously, self pity. 1. Morning Ritual 2. Outside of practice, work on weakness in certain skills of your Sport. 3. Scrutinize in details both yourself and a pro athlete similar with Your sport skills. View this video 10 times and each time, actively listen and observe Coach Chris' passion to help others improve in their demanding, sports lifestyle. Powerful. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Alex White 

Chris, your channel is fucking dope. Plain and simple. The only thing that would make it better is longer videos and more training footage.


I love all your vids! They are helpful and very insightful! Keep up the good work.

Darth vader 

Yeah... hell yeah....aww yeah.....

Greg K 

its called PEDs.

oh oh 

dope ! gonna start implementing those today

Juan Guajardo 

You are on point with this one! Everyone can improve with the little things.

Maxinho 123 

im a simple man. i see an OTA video, i like.