How to edit in Adobe Premiere CC for Beginners - How to Vlog [2/4]


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How to use Adobe Premiere CC! The basics of editing: cutting footage, shortcuts, layout, etc. Any Final Cut Pro X users out there?

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Part 2 / 4 of a How to Vlog series!

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Channel:  Sara Dietschy
Rotary Addiction 

hopefully some one can help me. my razor tool only cuts audio/video separately, even when i link clips together in 2019 release (February)

Valentin Eisendle 

I just watched a few Premier Pro tutorals, when i remembered that you did one. Since I remember you as an awesome presenter I came here. Thanks for making the video! Editing a wedding video today!

Tony Aguilar 

I know I can pause and go back in the video but if you want a really good PP tutorial...

Quirk & Folly 

This 4 part series has helped so much, thank you!! I was wondering - I tried recording on an iPhone at 60fps because i love the quality, but it doesn't seem to import into Premiere - the video/audio is so out of sync! Do you have any tips for settings on the iPhone or in Premiere so it imports seamlessly? Or am I missing something?


you make this look so easy but i'm still very confused XD


1:13 FUCK YEAH!!! so fancyyyy :D ...looks like I might just be switching from FCPX after all :P

Dan Willis 

This is so helpful! Thank you Sara. I am a business guy who is hitting youtube hard but a Premiere Pro I am not :)



Nerdstrom a 

Question: between he last tutorial video and this one, the footage was consolidated from straight-up import file icons into a folder or bin called FOOTAGE, but with the sequence below the footage folder, not nested in with the footage itself. Basically, I can't get the double click feature to work! :) it opens up the files on the mac, not in a Premiere window.


Jordan Taylor 

holy shit, ive been editing on premiere for a few months now and never even thought about making the clips icons to view compared to just their names. So simple yet very helpful!



Jon Frost 

Perhaps we could share each other's psych meds????

Farouk Mejdoub 

The way you show tips is fun

Bay Terrace 

please speak normal not with anxiety.. make me nerves!!!!!!!!!!

Choco Later 

My Ex used to talk like you (Talking faster than pronouncing words) the only difference is that you talk sense especially in technical language :) Thumbs up girl.

Shelby Tyler 

Thank you! I'm transitioning from Windows Movie Maker to Premiere and it's challenging. This helped!

Bradley Milbourn 

adding music from sound cloud??


this is so so helpful, thank you so much for this! i recently found your channel and I'm slowly but surely working my way through EVERYTHING! It takes me so long to edit videos, and now I see that it has been in a large part because I wasn't taking advantage of shortcuts. Thank you!! :)


Sara Dietschy: i see you cover the cameras on your computer monitors, i do not blame you.i am liking how you're breaking it down in detail, you go girl๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


i lab you. thanks for sharing this <3


I watch a LOT of tutorials and this is the most clear I've seen so far.

Mahbub Rahman 

Hi Sara, your videos are awesome. Do you have a vlog on how do you add your commentary video with your computer screen video?


If I use copyrighted music it can't be used on mobile so that's a no go


The exciting world of video editing!!!

Magen Benedetto 

Love how basic you make everything seem and the simplification of something that seems intimidating! Loving your videos and learning so much (teach me master!)

N00B tube 

Please never say "softwares" again! Makes you look stupid

Michael Harren 

DUUUUUUUUUDE I have been struggling with Premiere for the last couple months, trying to teach myself. It hit me yesterday: "didn't Sara Dietschy make a video about this?" Sure enough, YAAAAAAAAAAS she did and it's fantastic. Your focus on those keyboard shortcuts was just what I needed. I hope you continue this series. I love it and I am going to survive this software now!!


Sara, using an iPhone (or Android, for that matter) has become increasingly popular. How do you personally deal with the fact that your iPhone shoots in a variable frame rate but Premiere wants constante ream rate video to keep the audio from drifting out of sync?

Paolo Gil Albano 


Alice Red 

I've got a trial of Premiere at the moment (I'm thinking of switching from FCPX) and this was so helpful! Thank you!


YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER! Thank you thank you thank you.

Tiio keciidott 

I love ur vlog


Hello Sara, thanks so much for posting these how to's. I ran into a problem uploading my video into YouTube where YT only uploaded about 7 seconds. Not sure how to handle the problem. Have you ever had this instance?

Adrian Newell 

How is sara able to use copyrighted music? SHe didn't say anything about asking the copyright holder or anything for it... which I thought you had to do.

Logan Wooldridge 

When you and your favorite youtuber use the same editor!!


Union Vlog Nation 

Thank you for this video. Im on a pc cooo its a little funky but it's cool. Thanks for the tut. This helped me out alot because im just starting out with premiere pro xD and im coming from sony vegas.

Joshua Brentnall 

So much knowledge but my head was spinning! Might switch from IMovie to Premier Pro


I just got Premiere Pro and this really helped! Thanks Sara

Joshua B 

Just got Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5, So i'm going to have a lot to learn to start my daily vlogs May 1st. Thanks

A. Wheeler 

This video was super helpful for a beginner (me) thank you for making it. any more videos similar to this small series would be awesome imo.

Steven Z 

Peachy Premiere Shortcuts are ๐Ÿ‘Œ Thanks Sara!


Thank you, this will make my editing process so much faster!

Also, I agree with you on the college thing! lol

Aaron Johnson 

Hey Sara, do I open the .txt shortcuts file in Premiere cause it pops up as an xlm file? Help ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

Alejandro Perez 

you can use Filmic Pro for iphone to shoot 24fps ;)

A.Shoaib's tutorial 

how do to turn volume up and down with fade out/in

A.Shoaib's tutorial 

Thank you help for Adobe Premiere CC tutorial :D

Ken Peddle 

Great video. Your tips on shortcuts and general workflow are killer. Really enjoying the whole series!

Reza Molavi 

Sara, please start using "an" in your presentations. You have been using "a" instead of "an" in all videos so far. thank you in advance.

Zahedi Shams 

Nice presentation by the way

Glxy Gamers 

This is super useful, trying to get better at this!