How Did YouTube Start?


YouTube is a vibrant, thriving community that has taken over a lot of the internet's video sector. In this video we'll take a look at how large the website really is and how it started.


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Emily Clipsham 

This video really helped me wright a speech about YouTube for my school. Thank you for posting this

Mr PeePee 

adpocalypse happens

Jenny Falcon 

What about blue tube

jacqueline lobban 

You Tube is my University i learned so much on you Tube


Let's help each other grow

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Tansy Liew 

OMG was that pewdipie


great video, well done

Callum Baker 



Tesla wasn't started by elon musk and he has Actually integrated his X2 website with paypal so he is not the founder of both this companies.

Steven Gallant 

So YouTube should have actually been called JJ Boob Tube...




so the thing about music influencer was advertising


thanks a lot for saying USA instead of just america cause other then imprecise is highly presumptuous, offensive and just ignorant

George Perez 

Every major technological advance , is made or comes from The USA ...thank you America !


YouTube makes deal with nbc. WRONG MOVE!


i stopped watching tv since i was born

Dem Stoops 

And the same guy who has yet to host meme review

roshan Singh 

Anyone in 2019?

baki hanma 


Mack Mate . Com 

And the rest as they say is HISTORY

The Cloud 

Feb, 15 2005

christ douanla 

YouTube poop

Emma Reynolds 

Did he say the N word at 9:26

Chris Anderson 


Gustavs Cukanovs 

0:33 is that smosh?

hacks and crafts 

My favorite social media is:

YOUTUBE! I spend 4 hours of day in youtube.

Youtube is everything. Even google is not as good as Youtube. Google is good too but... Youtube is the best.


Found YouTube in late 2005, had my first channel in 2006. ahhhh memories!!! (Years back, I tried to search for a video about how YouTube came about, but couldn't find anything....)

Son of Stalin 


Harish Chinta 

Nice video

Brodie Huffman 


Brodie Huffman 


Brodie Huffman 

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A.J. Curelaru 

alright 2019 people! WE SHALL UNITE!!!

Future Chomp 

Oh yeah oh yeah

Lycanroc Dusk 

Who's watching in the year youtube was launched?

Ms.S Sandoval 

YouTube started as a great thing ,but will end us horribly.

Too many idiots mimicking one another doing dumb shit .

I really do hope the best for YouTube .

Author Damien Isaak 

Good info 👍


2019 anybody?

Lord Davinci 

This video say nothin about soulja boy... Lmao

unicorn playworld 

He knows who howtobasic is

Ann marie White 

You Tube is advertising cults like Scientology now thoughts?


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juvent hatungimana 

That's petty interesting.

Gilbert Lopez o_,0 

It's 2019 😎

The hydroponic aquaponic farmer and gardener 

Can you imagine how many relationships have been formed, Via Youtube Love youtube

Latif tv 


Materestcookie and Bennyboy21savage 

who watching this in 2019 YouTube been around for more than 10 years right now.


The date is 2015, and youtube began on 10 years old 2015-10=2005

max. ph 

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we currently have 7.4 billion living humans on are Earth, so we possibly cant have 7 billion users per month :/