How to design an ad and the psychology behind it


Join Adobe evangelist Terry White as he takes you through how to design an effective ad and the psychology behind it.






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cheryl grier 

Hello Terry, I love all of your videos. Really learning creative cloud apps. I have a dilemma. I created a business card and logo in indesign. How do I just recreate the logo in illustrator? Name. No shapes.

celtic celtic 

Left side has less margin than the right one. typo fussiness

Kristan McArthur 

Good tutorial! How would I import graphics from Photoshop into Indesign for example a fully created psd file and then add text using Indesign?

Diego Makumbu 

i just wanna say, that my first time to watch your incredble video course, these very, very interesting. now my preocupation's to show me well using adobe creative all very good. you're my favourite teacher seeked. thx god bless man

Ket Monnyreak 

it's really frustrated at that flipping part.


You're like a real life "the Dude". I love you, man.

Cars and stuff 

I enjoyed watching the stream!

Tony Winston 

Colours have value, Whats more,Each culture sees colours very differently, For example, Red in America means stop and or something bad is followed by red,A teacher marks what's wrong in red,In china the colour has a whole different meaning,My point is always be aware of the implications of colour,They can make or break an Ad.Lastly, Your coloring skills are not your strength.

Tony Winston 

Excellent, commentary,I agree wholeheartedly with your statements about what we look for,Photos of people and animals have the best impact.