How to Design and install Chair Rail + bead board / wainscoting


Check out this video on designing and installing bead board or wainscoting. I did this project for my kitchen and it looks great and it's a great do it yourself home project. I'll show you the material list, measurements and tools you'll need.

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Channel:  Jon Peters
margaret pervier 

You do beautiful work!

Ken Pesch 

Thanks Jon... Love your work!

Question: where you dead end the chair into the door trim... what would you do if the chair rail was a crown moulding and the trim on the door was only 1/2" (thick). I've tried the end cap but given that the chair is not a veritical 90, it leaves the last 1/2" of the top of the wainscotting exposed. And a butt joint looks awkward... What to do ? what to do....!?

Guy in Colorado, Greetings! 

In a new western style bathroom (126" x 66") I am building I want to mix throughout a) bead board (upper 3.5' of the wall& the entire ceiling, plus crown molding) with b) old overlapping vertical barn wood (1" x 6") up to 4" high on the walls.

I have not installed drywall and do not plan to, but I have to put up backing to receive the barn wood & bead board. What is the minimum backing that you recommend?

At Home Depot I can get 4' x 8' sheets of either a) sheathing 3/8" thick, or b) underlayment 7/32" thick. Do your like either of those or do you have another recommendation? And since this is a bathroom, what type of water resistant bead board material do you recommend?

Thx, JS in Colorado

William O'Connell 

It was a great job I wish I had that Talent it saves thousands of dollars

Jared Hall 

What size is the base board without the cap? 1 X 4?


Jon, great video. I am planning on doing beadboard and a chair rail in the nursery, but I would prefer to not remove the existing baseboards. Is it possible to do this project without that step?

April Cisneros 

How do you install beadboard behind a sink and toilet?


Awesome video, definitely going to do this to my kitchen. Thanks

Vertigo Studios 

05:27 something a smart experienced carpenter will never do... It only takes one time to learn your lesson. Finishing/Brad nails have the tendency to bend in some spots of the wood.. shooting the nail right into your hand. I've seen it happened time and time again.

Priscilla Watson 

which paint did you use? I hesitate to finish with gloss. Thanks!


Great job

Nicholas John Garofalo 

I love it when there just happens to be a $5000 table saw at the job

Wayne Bishop 

Once again - perfection! I've done some wainscotting in the past, but this will my first attempt with beadboard. Starting to wonder what percentage of my house you've indirectly allowed me to remodel. Thanks for the great work!

Scott C 

Thanks for the video. I'm curious if you had to extend the electric box or use spacers for the outlet screws? Also, if you were putting this on top of baseboard heater, would you still use a toe molding? Thanks!

Wilmington Ditch Divers 

Very Nice Job! These ideas will help with my first bead board project. Thank You..!

peter wormald 

Hi Jon , I've messaged you before on this job, I've completed the whole room (looks great) and built in a loose panel/ access door for heating unit which has bowed out a little. Any thoughts on how to prevent, remedy it🤔 cheers P


I’m looking at doing this around our dinning room with mdf wainscoting/beadboard as well as pvc wainscoting in our bathroom. Can you use liquid nail to adhere the material to the wall? Also are you nailing directly into the dry wall? I know you mentioned on the end of that one run there wasn’t a stub so you cross nailed to hold in place till the glue dried..? Thanks!

Harold Bartley 

Nice project! Always adds a nice touch to a room with little effort. I like nailing in the groove of the bead, then I don't have to sand the little mound you get from nailing into mdf.

Imtiaz Iqbal 

Thanks for this video. Really helped me to do the project. God bless you!

Aaron Kalis 

I’ve watched quite a few how-to videos on YouTube and yours are by far the best. You don’t cut corners and you explain things thoroughly. I plan on using this video as a guide when I install bead board my powder room. Thank you!

Travis Salande 

Simple and beautiful thanks

Alexander Milosevic 

Jon, how do you deal with walls that aren't necessarily perfectly flat (slight warping) or is that not a big concern?

peter wormald 

Hi, could you tell me the type of adhesive you've used🤔

thomas goddard 

those measurements in inches are so confusing lol. just use mm.

TwylaWorld Adventures 

HI! If I don't have the baseboard installed yet, should I bead board then put up the baseboard? Thanks for an awesome tutorial!!

Lance Kelly 

beautiful work

Joe Guida 

I dig the Warren Zevon reference as well as the woodworking, heh

Joseph Sutton 

Great content. I appreciate Jon taking the time to film and edit.. great entertainment

Rob I 

Was that just normal Titebond glue that was used behind the beadboard? ...or is there a special kind of glue to use for this application.

Lola Mattiello 

Also, amazing job on the video and the finished product looks great!

lori curtis 

This is great, thanks so much for that, Can I use a hammer instead of a nail gun?


Argh, the pros always make it look so easy ... oh boy.  I guess I better give it the old college try.

Nikki Dimitrova 

Hi Jon. If you install the wainscoting under the baseboard do you caulk the baseboard as usual, or is is always a better end result if the beadboard/wainscoting butts into the baseboard?

Matthew Poteet 

Were there any concerns about pulling the receptacle that far out of its box and perhaps exposing the area where a hot connection would come in contact with wood? @4:42


I am getting ready to purchase our first home.  And I want to do this from the living room to the dining room.  Since they are combined.

Thomas David 

What type of wood did you use for the trim. Do you have a cost and what was the final height for the top rail? It looks great

Sherry Lynn Prokopetz 

Are you single? LOL

Mark W 

How do you trim around windows?? No one ever seems to show that part!


psi on ur air gun


what kind of glues and size of nails on oulet u add bigger screw

Jeff Miller 

Jon I swear you're the master of the miter joint. You make it look effortless!

Con Nor 

What kind of nail gun is that?


What did you do with that outside corner? did you just overhang and paint?

Tom Newell 

nice simple moulding but so effective

Peter Gifford 

Hi, want to ask about finishing nail you use with the nail gun. I built a cabinet the other day and I use a 1" finishing nail to hold it together but it came apart any tip on how and what happen why it came apart on me?

Jason Roach 

No materials list.  You build the chair rail from common lumber or hardwood?

Alatina A 

Very nice work..............

ewa R 

awesome job... can you make a video on how to hide the seam where the boards join.. did you end up painting the panels? thanks in advance Tom



Shii & Jon Noorman 

Can I buy all the molding and board at Home Depot pre-made? Can I buy it and install it myself with glue and nail gun? (Trim nailer)?? Great video. Thanks for posting.