How to deal with a tight Q.L. (quadratus lumborum)


Matt and Josh answer a question from viewer Warre in Belgium about strategies for when your Quadratus Lumborum constantly feels tight.

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Trango Fast 

what if you tore your right ql off of your hip? because I did. extreme pain every day right there. any help would be great

Mr. Good Dick 

Really helpful video. I like the multiple examples.


Just get to the point.

Made Move 

Nice! What shoes are you wearing??

Rach Kate 

It's you Americans that are backwards with your prehistoric imperial pounds lol.

t.e. Napolez 

Your video was the best on helping the QL muscle I've see. Thanks


Have you ever seen the QL be tight, but cause hip issues on the tight side and no low back pain? My right hip has been giving me troubles for a while. I'm tight on my right side in my piriformis, groin, etc. I was sleeping on my right side on a leaking sleep number bed that I think caused my issue. I've been dealing with this for about two years, and I'm just now finding out about the QL muscle. I'm thinking it's a possibility, but I'm grasping at straws at this point. I've been doing pigeon poses for my piriformis, and it doesn't seem to be loosening, so I'm wondering if it's something else.


I've been suffering from a chronic tight QL muscle on the right side. After taking x-rays, I have been told by my chiropractor that it is caused by a small scoliosis at the bottom of my back. My spine is curving to the left at the bottom. Since the QL muscle is attached to the lumbar vertebrae, I think it makes sense...

Christine Bay 

Amazing!!! Finally I have found the reason for my pain and suffering. I have a big knot in the QL and it's very tight and sore. Resulting from that is hip issues / stiff hip on the left side, groin pain, etc. Now I can work on it and hopefully can become normal again 😃

Warre Van Dun 

Hi Matt, thnx a lot for responding my message!! I will surely try your tips to fix my QL. I've been working on your healthy hips (I and II) program for a couple of months now, and I have to say that I already feel progression. I think now my butt muscles are getting stronger, my QL doesn't have to take all the load all the time (especially while cycling).

Dillon Rice 

From my experience a tight QL means a weak or inhibited glute on the other side. Most likely from a very tight quad and hip flexor. Get your pelvis aligned properly and every thing above will sort itself. What do you think Matt?

Jorge Teixeira 

HI. What's the key points on the stretch? Feets paralel 45º? Front leg extended, back leg little flexed? Weight equally distributed on two feets? Thanks!


Do you guys do Skype consults? Im up in Portland...