How to get data and mms to work on unlocked iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 with Straight Talk


This is how I set up my unlocked iPhone 5 to get data and mms to work with Straight Talk

This worked for my unlocked iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4. 

You may have to try the T-Mobile sim swap method here

to get to Cellular Data Network inside of settings.

*Sorry, the video cut off before I could show the MMS on John Doe's phone, but you can see it was sent on my unlocked iPhone 5. 

I used the following:

*I didn't have to do anything to get data and text working on my unlocked iPhone 5, it worked as soon as I activated my sim and $45 plan card. MMS was different and I used a mix of the proposed settings on the Straight Talk plan card along with other suggested settings for the iPhone 4, 4s shown on many sites including here on youtube. I have an unlocked iPhone 5, so you may only be able to get to Cellular Data if you use the sim swap method if your iPhone is not unlocked.

Cellular Data

APN: (should stay blank)

Username: (should stay blank)


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Leah Zajac 

Thank you! Only thing that's worked for me:)

Jackson Hughes 

You should all check out if you want to unlock your 4s!


Yours worked for me bro !!!!! Thanks a lot

A B 

Cool Geso King!


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Geso King 

It's cool, i got it to work on my own. None of your settings have worked, but its no big deal anymore since no videos on youtube have worked for neither my iphone 5 or my wifes iphone 4. I'll be posting a video myself.

A B 

I updated my DESCRIPTION check it out and see if those things help.

You may need to sim swap and/or try different settings. That's what I did and this worked. A hassle though, I spent 3 or 4 hours trying to get it to work, before I stumbled onto this. I think certain settings only work depending on what part of the country you live at, jmo though.

Geso King 

doesnt work