How to Create Your Online Portfolio with Adobe Portfolio


Adobe Evangelist Terry White shows you how to create and maintain your custom online portfolio with Adobe Portfolio. It's part of your Creative Cloud membership.






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Baronés Lovey De Luxe 

I deleted my navigation bar in Thomas when I was setting up the page. How do I add it again?

Cindy Kruger 

I want to be able to add a Blog-like capability on My Portfolio page. I'm not figuring out an elegant way to do it. How to handle the layout is not clear to me... I don't want to just add a link to an external blog (like Wordpress) that Terry said he's done. I also want sub-galleries within galleries and can't figure out how to create that kind of tiered gallery structure either.

fred krickel 


Marco Palerma 

Hi Terry, thanks for the tutorial it helps...I chose the Thomas layout...but, my question is, why can't I get the color of the font to change in the to right box "navigation center"? I changed my background color to Black and my site title changed to white with no issues...can you guide me? thank you


the templates are ugly crap and the interface sucks


how many sites and URL addresses can you make with one account?

BekSa Beksultanova 

Thank you very much! Very useful information

Ruby Firefly 

Thanks for a great tutorial. I spent a lot of time creating my portfolio, only to find that it's free to CREATE one, but not to PUBLISH one so that other people can actually see your photos. I see all over the internet how Adobe Portfolio is free. Well, it's not if you actually want potential clients (or anyone else) to see your work. The lowest price is $9.99 a month.

Rawan Alshammry 

boy oh boy saved me i owe u 1man


Adobe Portfolio is absolute garbage. It has no options and is so, so limiting for people who call themselves designers. Even Wix lets you drag and drop visual elements.


Adobe portfolio is really bad.

wayne tillett 

When I click on EDIT YOUR PORTFOLIO it gives me a message. I sent a ling so you can see. What can i do?


Hi Terry, Thanks for the video. Do you think I could create a subpage that is invisible but accessible? I would like to have a subpage that I will only share with some people... I know I can put a password on a page but that's not what I'm looking for as it's still visible on the main page, please help. Thanks in advance.

jng 90 

hi how diasble picture zoom (the + )

Estudio NARAPI 

Good evening. How to enter the domain and find DNS? Thanks.

andre gagiano 

Helpful thank you

Vann Apragal 

Can I download HTML files and upload to my server?


Thank you for an informative seminar on Adobe Portfolio which I owned for several months and never took advantage of. I will now!

Andy Crawford Photography 

Terry, what theme did you use for your site. I love the way the gallery titles show when hovering, but I can't figure that out: I'm building my galleries, and the titles are shown under each cover image. Thanks! Great, instructive vid.

Ian Davis 

I'm in the beginner stage of trying to create a portfolio. I watched the first version of creating a portfolio and now this one. I took your suggestion and saved photos in a 4k format. However, I cannot figure out how to get gallery images to display at full screen on any screen. (The monitor I am working on is a 2K model.) I have changed the container sizes to 100% and entered the max width were applicable. However, no full screen images. Is this really possible?

Ian Davis 

I'm always amazed at the number of people who crap on others because they are essentially anonymous. If you aren't prepared to stand right next to the person and say what you write perhaps you shouldn't say it. But that would require consideration and manners...something lacking these days.

victoria egbert 



Hi, great video! I wonder if there's a theme where you can scroll photos horizontal.

Mia Lynn 

Couple questions... How do you sync LR galleries? When I click, I dont have anything on there. Also on the contact me, how can I customize where that form is sent? The email I am using for my Adobe subscription is not my current email.



Andre 1,000 

Thanks Terry!

vivek v 

is it free?

Bruce Grossman 

This dude seems knowledgeable, but I don't think brevity is his strong suit, lol. But then again, after attempting to use Adobe Portfolio once and failing, maybe it does require an hour of instruction.

Bob Faulkner 

Terry, you mentioned Adobe Muse. I heard that Muse has been discontinued. I am very saddened by this news because it has become the only program I use for making web sites. Is this true? Has Muse been discontinued?


Worldwide my a.... You forgot China. You know, that little country... It's still impossible to be a designer and have a Adobe Portfolio account there.

Lance Goy 

Terry White you are NO evangelist, but you are a sinner ! 0:01

Anna Yang 

BUT how to customize it through coding or others. cause if we cant do that then why other adobe portfolio are different from the template

James Kayten 

This guy wastes so much time blathering about nonsense like what he did this morning and how he just forgot the name of the template and goes back and then tells us what's 'actually' in front of us and where this that and whatever... It's way to casual for me, I'd prefer more focused instruction.


How can I change the placement of the title and navigation? I have the title in the middle and navigation on the left and I want the nav on the right and title on the left. Can someone hlep me out?

priyanka j rawat 

Very very helpful. Thank you for the brilliant tutorial

Andréane Bellemare 

Why "Martha" layout is different? I can't find the same options...

jordan pomare 

hey boss can you show me how to change my domain name? Great video by the way, very informative

Rob Reese 

Good pm Terry White, anyway could u pls walk me through on how to fix my problem for my Adobe Pf? Everytime i click ' launch' on my Pf ,the results will bring me always to dark screen with a big notice said' Editing your Portfolio in Edge is not yet fully supported'.. I've called the Adobe cc but it seems they're not really helps me a lot.I'd tried almost everything already but it brings me to square one always.. Any help will be appreciated from either you and viewers..Thanks!!


I have been building my portfolio for a month now (tried several themes). My advice:

--> unless all you want is a bunch of pics in a long scroll page, AVOID THIS SH*T

Adobe PF is basically what Behance offers for free with the "added value" you can have your own DNS and a very very minimal personal branding. There's not even a way to insert texts at the bottom of galleries if you want to write a bit about why you did what. I have spotted lots of UX issues from a Adobe PF editing perspective and from a portfolio viewing perspective.


Actually starts at 8:30 ... You're welcome.

Mouse Filmwork 

how can I make fancy roll over video thumbnails like this example page has?


Adobe can you get somebody to do this tutorial, lot of blah blah with this guy

Matt Todd 

For the love of god Adobe let us pick custom thumbnails from our uploaded videos!

Michelle Zareas 

Hi Terry! Love your videos, btw. Unfortunately, I am using the 2015 version due to compatibility issues. I do not have the option to adjust the logo container. What is the work around? What is a good average size for a horizontal logo, vertical logo, etc.?

Doctor Dboe 

Can some please recommend the best px size to upload images to pages? Obviously saved to web as well.

Super Creative 

If I build my site with this I will save about $170 bucks a year on my current hosting plans. Not bad!

Eine kleine Nachtmusik 

Oh, my god... blah, blah, blah, blah... get to it.


Hi Terry, I am making my first photography webpage and before I go and publish it I want to share it with friends to see what they say about it. Is there a way of sharing a link easily?

Monica Magnussen 

Hi Terry thanks for your video, very helpful. I'm really frustrated as I can't seem to create a link straight to my about info page from the top navigation, it just takes me to the Gallery page and so I have to create ANOTHER link  to the actual page? This can't be right. I'm using the theme Marta and this is what I'd like to do: What am I missing??

Elise Lappan 

Is it possible to have a video banner rather than a photo banner at the top of the home page?