How to Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online - QuickBooks Online Tutorial


This is a video showing how to create a purchase order in QuickBooks Online.

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Infinity Sync 

A very informative video regarding sync orders with QuickBooks online. InfinitySync also provides you reliable Woocommerce to a QuickBooks integration plugin that is simple, and elegant plugin for your e-commerce account, save your time at work by using QuickBooks online store integration.

Vicki Lynn 

I like the video very helpful.  Nice to see how the  PO moved into the client invoice. Also, less movement on the mouse helpful.

Imesh Udara 

Hello. If I need someone to approve the PO before sending to vendor how can i do that ?

Brian Joseph Jr 

very helpful, thank you

Bergman J. Argüello 

Thanks for helping us the new QB Online users! nice and helpful exposition....

Saad Rahim 

Please assist me in handling input VAT in Quick books -

Samia Malik 

Hi FCTS .. I need some assistance on how to set finished goods inventory in quick books plus version.

On the dashboard you click sales go to product service and add the items. When you do that you need to click and add the opening quantity. When I click into the product service information and click starting value and add the quantity. There are two general ledger accounts , under the subheading inventory adjustment account should you click COGS or accounts payable

Rompus Australia 

Thank you, most helpful s far

Floria Vu 

Thank you!

Veronica Baker 

How do you show the PO as paid without drawing out of a linked checking account?

Jenny StylishKB 

how do you receive items against a PO? or How do you receive inventory after you have created a PO

BlueJays Landing 

This was most helpful. I especially appreciate the shortcut tips.

khaja asraruddin 

hi ..can i have a video on how to make a bill using po # and grn note ...what step will require more futher get a report on it

Kyle Maxwell 

Jesus dude. It takes you TWO GODDAMN MINUTES just to create the purchase order. Shit.

John Bishop 

excellent how do i create lists for purchased goods and sales as i buy in components and then assemble them into a single item which i then sell

Melanie Lee 

V helpful thanks

Jerry Conerly 

Is there a way to take the item details from a PO and add it to an invoice so that you do not have to type it all back in?

Paleo on the Go 

Thanks for the help!

William Little 

With our old system when you entered an invoice it automatically created a PO for those products you did not have in stock. Is there no such feature in QB online?

Mazhar Wakeel 

hello! FCTS please let me know how discount recieved from customer can be entered into purcase order?????????

Abdul-Razak Daud 

Thanks very much FCTS. In my case, I receive some credit for the sales tax paid for inventory when I remit my sales tax on my sales. How do I go by that?

Ermira Mezini 


1 - is any way that we can upload from an excel file to create a PO in QBO? and or

2 - if I can upload a vendor bill from excel in QB

3 - can we received goods, without creating an purchase order first?

Christina Kawamoto 

how do you account for sales tax in a purchase order? When I enter a bill I do not have the option to add sales tax when matching up a PO to bill. Also I need help receiving partial shipment on a PO.