How to Create Mailing List on Gmail


This video tutorial is going to show you how to create mailing list on Gmail.

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Mailing list on Google mail saves you a lot of time and effort while mailing mass e-mail.

Step #1 Go to contacts

On your account click on Gmail on the left and select contacts

Step #2 Create new group

Click on the group's button and select create new.

Step # enter your groups name

Enter your group name and click okay.

Step # 4 3 Add contacts to the group

Click on the plus button to add contacts to your group. Once you are done, click on the contacts button on your left and select Gmail.

Step # 5 Compose new message

Compose a new e-mail. Enter your new groups name on 'To.' All your groups contact will be imported into the 'TO' window.

Step # 6 Use BCC to send mass E-Mail

It's a good e-mail habit to use the 'BCC' field instead of 'To' field while sending mass e-mail. You can delete your group if you no ...

Channel:  Dave Webster

Doesn't work. No Groups button anymore.

Liam Jensen 


Moones Razavi 

Useless spoken very quick



Mike Britcom 

no Groups button on my gmail

Tarab Ling 

Thank you. It was helpful


What the hell, I used to do the exact same thing like 2 years ago and now on my gmail when I go to contacts it automatically takes me to "circles" instead of just creating a simple mailing list.