How to connect an electronic drum kit to the PS4 (Rock Band 4, PS3, Rock Band 3)


Why do this? Which type of drum kit to buy? How to hook it up? What to watch out for? All of these questions are addressed in this video.

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How do you calibrate the drums to rock band?


You should put a hose clamp on your rock band cymbals so they don't slide down

Julio Bastida 

Great video man. Thanks a lot


Hi ... I hope you can help me. I bought a roland td4-kp kit. I also have the midi pro adapter and I can not get it to work with ps4.Do you know how to make it work with the game? I can navigate through the game menu with the midi pro adapter but I can not play the drum in the song it does not do anything ... thank you very much.

Chris Wallin 

Sir just received for Christmas an Alisis nitro drum kit how does the or where does the midi box connect to the ps4 please help


how can i get the same sensitivity for all toms like my snare pad...sometimes i miss hits on my toms,but the snare is fine

Nick Gettler 

Hey I appreciate you taking the time to make this video, but it really has too much information.


JD Wolf if I understand, to buy a good drum set for playing rock band, the drum need a MIDI out. So I can bought the one want with a MIDI port.

Toby Gamache 

Do you need to plug in the amplifier? Another persons video said that he needs more cables and a computer, why?

Toby Gamache 

What was the exact midi cable you purchased? There seems to be a lot of different ones with different connectors. Thanks for the information.

Toby Gamache 

That hi hat foot pedal works as a bass drum pedal, correct?


Will this also work for guitar hero

Immortal Breed 

Would this work for Yamaha dtx 450? It only has USB to host no midi port.


nice video man! now i can go and just buy that drum set :D

braden rocha 

Would this work for the Yamaha dtx400


This is awesome and super helpful! My only question is: If I did this would it be possible to also use double bass pedals? because that's pretty important to me and my specific play style both in real life and in rockband 4


my drum doesn't have a midi output :/


hello and thanks for the great tutorial. Since this video was made in early 2016, has there been any major advancements or new models, new methods in hooking any electronic drum set to a PS4 for Rockband 4? i am about to invest in one for my daughter for Christmas. Info on the web are weak. Thanks


Really helpful video man, I've been looking to find the best kit for Rock Band, this gave me all the info I need, made a laugh a bit as well haha great video mate just subbed

Gin Rivers 

thanks for the vid. There's a DD1 Plus for the same price, do you think that's better? Only planning to use it for Rock Band 4.


This is 24 minutes. Why not just be like "put this here, that here..." and then address everything else after. *Sigh*

Savin Wangtal 

The strange thing is here in Thailand, a real drum kit is actually cheaper than the ps4 kit (probably because shipping is so expensive). So I might have to give this a try.

Great RNG 

How much were these and where did you buy them?

Renato Belleza 

I need help with my E -drum Medeli dd505d have the Mad Catz pro midi and usb midi but I connect and does not work

I would like to help make it as set

Rock band 3 for ps3


Renato Belleza 

Whats a midi asignation And how asigned

Renato Belleza 

How yo conecting ?