How to change new email notification in Outlook [Video Tutorial]


In this video tutorial we will show you how to change outlook email notification sound.

In order to change outlook email notification sound, go to Windows "Start" menu and choose "Control Panel". In the following window, click "Hardware and Sound". In the next window, press "Sound". In the next window, go to "Sounds". Scroll down until you see "New mail Notification". Select it and under "Sounds" press on the triangle and in popup menu choose the sound you prefer. Also you can listen to the sound, in order to make it press "Test". To confirm the changes, firstly press "Apply" and then press "Ok".

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Awesome. Worked perfectly.

pradeep R 

I'm not getting any desktop notification popup for the mails which are receiving in my sub folders.

How to enable desktop popup notification for all the mails coming to my sub folders and my inbox?

Andre Potts 

It is so easy... 1 2 3 and you got it. did you remember to click apply???

Richard Davies 

hell yeah to all previous comment,s what a load of shit ,not a fucking squeak unless doing a test of notification sound


this is shit, not working


still no notfication sound...


same crap still not working