How to build a garage in less than 10 Minutes


Building a tiny garage in less than 10 minutes.... What's cool about this project is a previous customer had us come back and rebuild an old garage so he could have two good looking structures. This video may not show exactly how to build a garage, but hopefully its fun to watch. This project actually took us about two full days to complete. I'm thinking I need to do a one day build challenge!


Please watch: "Building a Mancave 8: Porch roof and trim details"


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Nicolas Bautista 

Great edit

Jarrett Horton 

You get someone else to build it for you

High lonesome Bluegrass 

Come build me one about those dimensions

Todd Anderson 

Another awesome build Kyle. Hope to have you guys build me someone here in caledonia Illinois in the future.

Dylan McDonald 

Forgive me if you have already answered this, but is there any other purpose for the wainscoting except for aesthetic's? When the color from top and bottom of the walls is the same, why not run just a solid peace of metal from roof to the ground?

prank diver 

What’s the retail on a 30x40 ?


Nice video

Howard's Channel 

I saw another build by someone else who did not use the foundation brackets. They just dug the holes, pour some concrete in them, then set the poles down in the hole a bit on top of the concrete pile they made. Their truss ends were not sandwiched onto the poles. The walls were not straightened with the chains but maybe that part wasn't shown. The finished product ending up looking great but it makes me wonder on how long it's going to last when taking shortcuts like these. After seeing this and then comparing to how you do things Kyle, it really makes me appreciate just how important it is to take the extra step, go the extra mile and do the little details to make it right to begin with. I would imagine their building didn't cost as much per sq ft to build but there is no substitute for quality.

Sean Flynn 

I don't comment often but GREAT video............... Nice channel

Greg Norton 

8:55 Dr. Evil and Mini Me.

yobro manson 

You have an incredible work ethic. Wish my dad was like you and not the donkey ass angry lil piss shit he was who no one wants to work with

Massive Dubstep 

What happened to the baseball field? Did people stop coming? Heroes get remembered legends never die!

Josh Sahnow 

Do you guys come around Wisconsin at all??? lol I need a garage built and i like your attention to detail!!

Nick Romano 

Hi, How thick should the slab be for the post bracket anchor bolts?





jeff Mcallister 

I have been watching your videos, I am no expert, just wondering why not build a usual stick build design? In my area we sheet out buildings with ply? Just curious, you guys rock, not downing at all just wondering? also you know your a bad ass when you glue the step, before opening the box the door is in!!!! I would have test fit 3 times and still had to re cut before glue... Thanks keep up the hard work JEFF

X.X Reaper 

Looks like it took more than 10 minutes to build

Thomas Tran 

How much does it cost to build a garage like that?


Yeah it is very easy to build it. Just call you to do it lol



Danny Harris 

2 days is impressive. if you do it in one day, wow. that's still a lot of work for 2 days so I still say it's very impressive and a nice looking garage. I can see why you stay busy. people who see your buildings have plenty of reason to want you to do a building for them. impressive work guys.


I don't think I could do that in 10 minutes. But y'all cheated! I think it probably took y'all 11 minutes, because you skipped the interior wall covering!

Евгений Павлович 

Прицеп мне очень нравится

Jon Musgrove 

What is the cost of this build labor and material if you don't mind just thinking about it for my mother inlaw


So, is it cheaper to go with a pole barn style of walls or regular framed walls? (I guess I'm used to building framed walls when building on a solid footer like you have there)

Juan Escalante 

Wow amazing job you do great work

ENSIO bygg 

Its nice as usual. But, its only a shell. No insulation, sheeting, no nothing. Ofcourse its easy and quick when its only weather covered. Do you build complete houses at all?

g bonita 

Flimsy as hell - wonder if it would last for a minute in a storm ?


How much would a building like this one cost?

joseph martinez 

i watched this video on x0.75 speed so it was longer than 10 minutes. take that

jo van 

What's the reason for the siding being in 2 pieces? Like the shorter row around the bottom then a strip and another row above it? Especially since they look like the same color

Joar Flesjå 

Great work. Is it normal in amerika to make it with pols. In norway its normal to have concret to put it on like this video. And then bolt a 2x6 to it, then but stands in 2x6 on 60cm.


What is the “header” over the garage door? I know in other videos it wasn’t load bearing but it looks like this one would be. I don’t recall the roof loads there.... did I hear 30psf in a different video?

AK Distributors 

Nice video!

Divad Lernca 

Another nice build!


Great view with the timelapse and the clouds! Garage looks awesome.

Kurt P 

I could watch time-lapses like this one for HOURS ! Thanks for sharing !


too bad you cant put a car in it cause of that high af curb, next episode building a road into the garage

Thomas Weatherford 

What did it cost 2 biuld?


Yeah and my dad can build one in less than five minutes you liar

Brodie Hines 

Dale Earnhardt’s cousin?

Cole Yuhas 

hey is this framing technique up to code in your area?

Aaron Aaron 

Awesome work , looks great.


You put the corner posts in after the siding install?🤔


step 1: get 4 friends who can move 1000% faster than the average person

robert jr 

You guys got Ryan homes beat hahahahah and there Trash

Roy Coots 

How much would that be plus insulation?


Amazing build good clean design and layout.

J3RX Eruption 

CLICKBAAAAIT build a garage in 10 minutes my fucking ass more like a few days