How to Bless your vehicle


in this episode of corolla customz, I will show you how I bless my vehicles. I am a big believer in god and universal spirits and divine entities. this is my belief and I am in no way trying to persuade anyone to follow me. I know how touchy this subject is to some people and I know some people may be offended. this video is not to offend anyone so don't be offended. this is my beliefs and I'm sharing what I do to my personal vehicles because everyone on YouTube is my family. so please sit back and enjoy this episode. also, you can follow corolla customz on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

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Monica Beal 

I like your video. I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I used to believe in God and the universe too. I know you believe in God, but it's considered idolatry thanking the universe. as well. It's done in law of attraction. Some of them believe in both and some just the universe. You don't go to Heaven for it.- Believing in both or just the universe. Well because there are people who still worship the stars and earth - different pagan groups- neo druids etc. , The afterlife is not how most people believe especially in loa. i'm not saying you practice loa but that is one of their beliefs if you get what I am saying. If you believe in God you can only worship and thank Him to get there. You can thank God for sending angels to help , but people pray to angels in loa and in some religions. It's considered idolatry. I'm not saying you personally. Just putting it out there. It's also a belief - loa - a more universal entry/ to the occult It is a part of the occult and ne

Janice McMillan 

Love it!! God Bless you

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Thank u, God bless u

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Thank you appreciate


Did you baptize it too?