How to beat Zexion Absent Silhouette Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix


This video will show you how to beat Zexion's Absent Silhouette in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

Also this is the way on how I beat Zexion. you can follow the video if you want to if you are having problems defeating him. Just remember it takes time and practice to know how to beat Zexion.

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Linkin Egan 

video starts at 14:17

The LastGrayGhost 

Still got hit with high jump


Qrushul mode

m a r i a d 

After i dont even how many times, i finally beat Zexion. Pausing the game right before the light turns blue helped me IMMENSELY

Dean Russell 

Thanks man, big help. Like how you went into detail, keep it up

Gerard Gery 

Zexion always uses the flare attack like 6 or 7 times in his last stage and kills me xd

Spoof S 

This retarded boss is the stupidest thing to have ever been made in all of kingdom hearts I hate this stupid boss

Gavyn Duvall 

Why do you say Critical like Crucial ?

Arham Siddiqi 

It took you 30 min to explain this boss strategy holy shit bro you need to be more succinct. And don't say bullshit like "it's a complex fight" cause it still shouldn't take this long

yolo gamer X X 

i cant beat this boss coz im playing on critical

AJ Granja 

Am I the only one who finds this boss extremely easy?


I legitimately never got so mad at a game until this boss I never get the reaction command to leave the book place.


This boss pisses me off

da noony 

crushu mode lol


at lv 30 im still having trouble


Side note about the red/blue lights, if like me you like to take Zexion down before getting quick run, try pausing and unpausing the game while counting the lights, as you count the 13th run towards it and you'll have just enough time to get inside before it locks.


"I Recommend you to be lvl23"

lol how about me being lv1? lololol

Mister Shoulders 

I just beat him, without tutorial today, but nice video :D

France Joseph Macaballug 



Thank you for posting this. It really helped me out!