How to do an Alignment with out an Alignment machine


This is how to do an alignment with out and alignment machine

These are tools I recommend.


O2 Sensor Sockets

Air cat ½ air gun

Ingresol Rand ½ air gun

Back Probe Pins

Spark Testers

Launch Scanner

Mighty Vac MV5511

Back Pressure gauge

OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit

Master Relay Test Jump Set

Brass punch set

Hose cutters

Oil caddy

Battery Tester

Pulley Puller and Installer Kit

Harmonic Balancer Puller and Installer Set

AC system flush machine

Ingersoll Rand 1105MAX-D2 1/4-Inch Composite Air Ratchet


Fuse Saver...

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beto berthold

Richard Obenshine 

Lol nice how i use to line up golf cars, but enjoyed u taking care of ur customer until they get to alignment center. Hats off to u brother.

Steve Morgan 

Total rubbish!  Using this method if (and lets exaggerate for effect) if one road wheel was sitting at 10 degrees off straight you can make the distance between both road wheels even by setting the other road wheel 10 degrees off straight.  You'd have a car that drove in a circle with the steering wheel straight ahead.  Wouldn't let this guy near my car.

Luai Kutbi 

I don't recommend doing alignment this way. you only trying sitting the toe to zero without knowing the vehicle spec


measuring off a string along side the car that is set to the rear wheel seems a lot more accurate. This way you know which wheel is out and how much. Do them one at a time and remember to keep them toed in ⅛"-¼".


Answer don’t do it.

bob thompson 

there is a small amount of toe in on all cars for stability. how much depends on the car

Guillermo Natalia 

Thank you for explaining the 3 points in the alignment process

Ernest Wood 

Going to give this a try. I was an alignment tech and now im without a shop and need tires, front end work and and alignment. If this works the only thing i will need to go get done will be mounting/balancing of the new tires. Times when you miss being in a shop.

Ariel Estrada Madelo 

how can we sure which side of the car has problem base on dimension?

Martin Allen 

Unless you own a VW with the front radar.

Sharon Stosic 

My tires are bald tape measure won’t stay there 🙂

Josh Gray 

I know some of you wish you had 68 inches

Jarod Morris 

I'm a little surprised you never said to first doublecheck that all tires are properly inflated, especially if the car is definitely pulling one direction or the other .


How do you know exactly which tire needs alignment? just because you measure from one tire to the next and that one where the tape measure ends at is different, doesn’t mean that’s the correct one that needs to be done. You can start from the opposite tire and measure to the other tire and it will be the same distance. Does it now mean the other tire is off also? So which one is it? I can’t believe people don’t realize this video is terrible.

Carol Marie 

How well does this work on a 2000 Toyota Camry le?

Debbie D 


Jerry Kolberg 

You are funny but informitive

UG sucre 

i 'd like to try it.

Bryan Chance 

Hmmm.. i wouldn't (couldn't) follow this video. LOL This one is way easier to understand -->

dirt lint 

very good. can you show the other two alignment

eshop santo 


Nickolas Gilbert 

I enjoyed the humor

matthew young 

Great demonstration. For more accuracy check tire inflation and roll the car up a few feet before doing this method. Also, its a good idea to have wheels toe-IN 1/32 to 1/8 of an inch. The factory manual even mentions these measurements in inches. I've did this multiple times on my Maxima (this exact way). I took it in for a computerized alignment just for kicks and the shop sent me away saying the alignment is spot on.

eno mouse 

i wnt to try this but i have 10mm spacers on the front

Gcastillo Garcia 

Here's a question how do u know if the left or right is 1 inch higher than the rear if u measure the front passenger side to driver side u will say the driver side is 1inch off but if u measure the driver side to the passenger side your gonna say it's the passenger side 1 inch of. So it's hard to tell it depends which side u do first

Pirate Labs 

But are you not supposed to have 1/8" toe-in to make it track straight?

Nate Figueroa 

I set the wheel straight. Then I run a string line down the center line from the back tire down and set one tire straight in the front and then make the other Tire parallel to that. String line make sure that you are running parallel with the back tires. I've used this method and checked them on machines and they have been with in tolerance. Hard to believe but it is that accurate. This only works for toe.

o iSlay 

What if both wheels are not straight

Sergio Chavez 

This video was painful go watch..

Dylan Marshall 

2:52 WAY OFF! 10"

lilbroly 666 

What tool did u use? To adjust that tire rod end I got a 2016 dodge challenger that was wreaked so the camber is off n so is the tow n caster could i fix this at home

Chris Ogley 

you answered every question, great video!

Juro Smilkovich 

This method of alignment assumes a perfect toe angle for the rear wheels.

Will Gould 

I laughed more than I should of when you brought out the duck tape lol. cool video man, very helpful.

texas tough 

can u show us camber

Ricky A. 

This was very Helpful thanks man!! I will try this on my own

That One Guy 

@ 2:51 he says ( you got 67" in the front ) while he's clearly holding the tape measure up showing 76"...! 😂 He has lost my trust!

MarioandLuigi101 Network 

I got that vato, thanks, it was helpful..


Well done! To be as precise as possible: The points chosen on the front and rear of all the tires must be at the same height. Chalk is not precise, so use the edge of one of the tread patterns.The greatest resolution ( and therefore the greatest accuracy ) is at the 50% height of the tire, so try to be as close to that as possible. On some trucks that's possible but usually the bottom of the car limits how high you can go.

Also you may have to do this a couple of times... neither wheel is a reference for what is pointing straight forward. You only know the steering wheel is pointed straight. So don't be disappointed if you find your car tracks straight but the steering wheel is a bit to the left or right, after your first try. Just go back and adjust for it again.

Brent Bradley 

Bunch of negative Nellies in here! I have been doing my own alignment for 50+ years. I use a string, eyesight, or tape for the toe in/out and a carpenters level for the camber and never have ANY problems whatsoever !!!!!!

Mike Grant 

How about thrust angle included angle setback steering axis inclination duh how about total Tire on turns how about the weight of the driver cargo weight

Mike Grant 

Craig gross amount of misinformation anyway he's not alignments for living will believe this is crap

Ryan Manuntag 

Great method just to get it to the alignment shop! Although how did you determine which side tire was straight? How would you do it if both tires are off alignment?

osbaldo j. ulloa jimenez 

Ouch your car not custmers...😭


so the guy is paying to get a correct machine alignment and he's getting a home garage alignment. typical mechanic. that explains why alignment on my car sucks.

Neon diamonds Aquaberry 

This video is useless, it’s wrong how you did this and then you mention you’ll be taking it anyway to get an alignment ?? That’s like showing us how to change the oil then immediately taking it to a shop to get an oil change , useless

Justin E 

When we do semi trucks we jack the front axle up spin the wheel spray it with white paint then use a nail to scribe a fine line with the wheel still spinning then do everything else you’re doing. The paint and scribe is better because the tires are not always straight on big trucks. Good information here though

elizabeth morales 

Great video! I needed a quick toe adjustment and your video helped me do just that! 🤟🏼