How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress - Tutorial 2017


Getting Google Analytics on your WordPress website couldn’t be easier.

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There’s a ton of free plugin in the WordPress Repository to choose from and one of my favourites is “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP”.

It’s incredibly easy to install and displays a brilliant mini analytics dashboard on the WordPress Admin dashboard- amazing!

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to set up a Google analytics account, install the plugin and connect it to google - and it only takes 3 minutes !

Google Analytics sign up page is here:

The Repo page is here:

The DeConf guys are here:

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nilayan moodley 

Thank you so much for this ! So easy to follow and works perfectly

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Thank for the tutorial! Nice and easy :3

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Aaron Villanueva 

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Awesome video! Totally simple and worked for me!!!


Hey Jakson, thanks for an easy way to install analytics. I already did link my website with analytics but there was some problem after few months.. Now, i can't even see my tracking code on the source page.. This time, i have tried your way, let's see how it goes.. thanks

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does that automatically work on each or every page? Or does it have to be assigned to each page manually??

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Great tutorial - would definitely watch some more if you make it for Google Analytics

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Hey super video , I have hard time learning as I am old construction guy and that was the best and i could go back and forth to video, I got it done thanks


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Thank you so much for that easy to follow guide, you didn't miss anything, it got me started. Cheers


Excellent tutorial Jackson. Easy and quick procedure, thank you!


which software are u using for recording. nice video

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we were asked to set up an account which you don't mention, upon opting out "Token Reseted and Revoked." Further no mention of Exact Metrics, so perhaps it's gotten more complicated over the last year or so

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No panic and use Dashy plugin. Simple, fast and useful.