Hostel Grow-Op 2018 Donation Packages


Hostel Grow-Op is a not-for-profit community garden and seed-starting initiative in Chicago. Our mission is to increase the growing capacity of community gardens in underserved neighborhoods. We mobilize volunteers to start seeds at home and distribute the mature plants to participating gardens and organizations. In return, we empower our volunteers in their own growing endeavors by funneling them resources and support throughout the growing season.

We're currently seeking donations for the 2018 growing season! Donations of money, garden resources, or volunteer time are all greatly appreciated :-) All donation rewards will be catered to your personal home-growing needs.

Based on how much or what you donate, we'll compensate you with all sorts of garden resources like fertilizers, vegetable and house plants, and even vermi-composting red worms! Check Patreon for our donation tiers and to see all of our lovely rewards for your help.

--Check Patreon for money donations!

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