Homemade Slamfire Shotgun for $25


I build a homemade shotgun ......and cover it with Hello Kitty duct tape to piss of the anti's........ from common hardware store items.


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You could have done a way better job if you tried. I made mine with high enough quality, so that it will be passed on to future generations of my family. When I am dead and cannot speak, the beautiful slam fire 12 gauge shotgun I leave my family will speak the message loud and clear about how I felt in life: do whatever it takes to exercise your right to bear arms as outlined in the second amendment. You dont actually need a factory made gun; exert the effort into building a quality firearm, as if gun factories didn't exist, and produce an heirloom that "speaks" to your progeny.


Glue? Tape? That will never last. If you go with the idea of making it last forever it wouldn't take that much more effort. I just screwed a screw with a blunted tip through the...um..breech block? (I welded a piece of 1/8" steel plate to the end of the 1" pipe and didn't use a screw on cap.)

There is nothing but steel and wood on my example. Nice job though, and GREAT message!

I tell everyone I can that I can make a 12 gauge shotgun or .22 pistol from the crap in my kitchen junk drawer, so how are gun control laws supposed to work?

Romane Paul 

What size pipe would you need for a 4-10 version

Rodrigo Novais 

Where do I find the materials?

l Ocha l 

Thanks for some real directions


What size is the bb and what is it made from?

Precious Fluids 

from now on, I look for local gun buybacks every day. I'm gonna make hundreds of these things, bankrupt the event, and retire early.

Enclave Radio Man 

>didn’t make up a manufacturer name like “Glock & Wesson” or “Jolt”

I’m disappointed but still 9/10

Connor Bailie 

I’ve been wanting to try making one of these for a while but then again, i like my hands and arms 😂

Bigger Hammer 

Great way to Toll the Buy Back Idiots for easy money & to show the futility of "gun control". Do this a few times and you'll have some spending money for a complete Ghost Gun AR-15 ;-)


you say 'to make it legal it needs this' but at what point does it stop being 2 pieces of pipe and becomes a gun from the perspective of the cops ?


So if your point is: "you can't regulate firearms because you could just make one" maybe the solution would be to regulate ammunition instead. Like setting a limit on 100 bullets for each caliber you own. Ban doing your own reloads. Put the boxes of ammo in locked cases/behind the counter so that a employee is needed to hand it to you to prevent shoplifting. Have staffed shooting ranges where you can buy all the ammo you want -as long as you use it all up on the range and dont take it home.

Before people going ballistic, this is not something I am advocating. I am not American so I wouldnt be affected by it. But I would find it interesting to hear the thoughts of people who would be and what pros and cons they find in the above suggestions from their point of view.

Kevin Johnson 

See's ducktape... Clicks video

Zachary Goldberg 

i feel like watching this video put me on a terrorist watch list...


could be made way cheaper near me smh hell you could probably find all this near your local dump

Ancient Truth Seeker 

Great video! I have a small recommendation for a better firing pin setup. Instead of the JB weld and metal BB you could weld a little point in the center of the washer.

Rob Ferrell 

U should have used sailor moon tape lol


Keep up the good work brother...

S H K 

I love it when complete imbeciles proclaim their interpretation of "the law". Turning a weapon in to a gun buyback scheme (Gun Grabbers Inc) is not "selling" the firearm, so if a bunch of people built these withe intention of using them and subsequently changed their minds, there wouldn't be a single thing even remotely illegal about it. Hopefully nobody does such a terrible thing with the hidden intention of de-funding the leftist disarmament Libturds. I mean, that would be as terrible as a few thousand pro-life women taking human chorionic gonadotropin (better known as hCG) in order to fake pregnancies and then going to Planned Parenthood for free treatment.

Toffe Kanjer 

Would Alluminum tubing work or would it blow up at 8000 psi?

You Tube is full of shit 

Id pay 25$ to not have one!


Thats the most ugly homemade shotgun i ever saw...i guess you focus was to show how quick and easy it can be...but with a bit of work they are so much nicer

Check Cryptic Cricket... when you see his one you would think its a imported budget Gun from China or so..but you would think its profesionaly made... and he only used homeowner grade tools...no welding,mill or lathe


Ryan Davis 

For a better firepin you could use a nail cut down to size.. I think between .040 to .051 length is sufficient.

Edit: of course you would still use washer. And always use low brass... Better safe than sorry.

What is a gun buyback? I've never heard of.

Aidan McWhirter 

Could you use an air soft pellet instead of a BB?


you can make $75 off of this



نايف الحارثي 

How many pipe sizes?

نايف الحارثي 

good job

Kenneth Krajewski 

leave it to a marine!! oooohh f#### rahhhhhh!


if you make it to turn it in for money you basicly became a manufacturer, without a license that is illegal.


I saw this a while ago and have been looking for it again. I see you re posted it. going to give it a go. Did you ever actually fire it? and how did it go? thanks for the video. loads of others out there but yours is clearest.

john wayne 

greetings from West Portland...nice video...I learn something today.

Zachary Nichols 

what size BB should be used?