Homemade Ice Cream! Sloan's Venetian Las Vegas (NEW!)


Circus Cotton Candy is just one of the many fun flavors of ice cream now served up at Sloan's Homemade Ice Cream at the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas.




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Employees like that girl either get promoted quickly or swept up by banks or other corporations and trained as a powerful sales person where she would hopefully be making a lot of money and enjoying her work. Or maybe she's a student on her way to medical school. But she's special.

Valerie Jimenez 

I went there it is really good I went there to get my lama purse omg sooo cute and I got a mint chocolate chunk realllllyyy goooood

Slavko Pejic 

First I was impressed Sloan was able to borrow Mona Lisa from the Louvre, then I was even more impressed by the real star behind the counter, and in the end I was most impressed by Derek's ability not to buy anything. That's real willpower or he came straight from a buffet... 😂


I would have literally bought anything she recommended. What a lovely employee. They are lucky to have someone with as much personality as her.

Glori from NJ 

Treat that gal right, Sloan’s. She is an asset to your business.

Fox Mulder 

But no sugar free again---: (

Speedy Gonzales 

She was adorable, yet I don't eat much ice cream. However her enthusiasm makes me want to try

CJ Cutter 

One of each please! She’s a cutie too!

Todd Payne 

The employee is awesome! I would go there and go back there just because of her! I bet the ice cream is good too!

Black Tiger 

She is a sweetheart! Very helpful!

Maria das Santos 

Utterly delectable sweet treats and a fantastic assistant.SLOANS,a great place .


This is Cat from

Brooklyn NY!🐱

THANKS! I love ice cream! This place looks great! THANKS AGAIN!💝❄☮🐱


Great job! This definitely looks like a place I have to check out next time I'm in town

Angela beck 

Looks yummy!!!

Francisco Iramain 

This looks pretty intense!! Look at those donuts 🍩!


OMGGGGG I'm In sugar heaven, that place has made my list 2 do


Looks like some awesome quality deserts here!!


You ate a frozen smurf !!


Another great video Derek! Did they have spumoni? Aloha!

Kenji S 

Rum raisin is my favorite, although the coffee and doughnuts sound interesting too.  Would love to try their ice cream sundaes with the unique flavors.


That blue one looks more like Cookie Monster

Jerome Morgenstern 

Thank you for "showcasing" another taste delight in Las Vegas. I have come to realize there might be a little something you might consider as a means of bringing Las Vegas to the viewers. I shall try to comment privately to you. jmo

Michelle Tabisula 

Looks like a 'must do' next time we're there;-)

Meli Kopi 

I look forward to your videos!

Linda S 

Wow lots of different flavors

Candy Santillo 

LOL your eyes almost rolled up In your head when you tasted the chocolate

John Santo Rawluszki 

Pistachio! !!!

Iain Jamieson 

Not circus circus lolz

Marshal Jim Duncan 

Death stare at 1:28, lol!

Allan Moore 

Landing in Vegas on Friday, will have to visit Sloan's ASAP. Thanks for showing the store,


Wow what a great girl behind the counter. She seemed so nice and knew her products inside and out. I hope you went back in and bought something from her.

Simon south 

In got to try this place 🇬🇧

Toon Boy 

Hey Derrick did the circus ice cream really taste like cotton candy?

Richard Romero 


Cherry Bomb 

What a incredible employee all happy and helpful

BigMac Mick 

early crew in the house

bacon brew 

Any fried chicken ice cream?