Homecoming Movie Trailer

Pink lasagna 


Red Fox Josh 

I hate rated R! People say rated R for restricted, but I say rated R for retarded! I HATE rated R! Let's ban R rated junk! Rated R must die like disco did! Booooo! >:(

Brockton Lazarus 

Shelby is a lying, god damn fucking son of a bitch. I hate her.😡😡

Alesia Denton 

Shelby n Elizabeth are both pretty but I think Elizabeth was prettier but I was real happy at the end when Mike left his banquet to go over there cuz I think Shelby would have ended up killing Elizabeth


great jealous movie!! just saw it real sad to me!!

Pew Pow 

Shelby even finer


Shelby was an obsessive bitch she should of moved on mike doesnt love her anymore

mm eux 

Matt Long ♥


I'm looking fir this movie on Netflix, I only saw it once back in 2009 on a&e


this movie was amazing. lifetime played it only ONCE on september 2009. seriously.


North allegheny tigers football 2010 quad-A state champs. it reps my hometown but does nothing else for me in regards to entertainment.


i saw the movie yesterday and wtf shelby its time to move on and yyessshhh the ending scared the shit out of me.......

Ashlynn Kate 

This movie was so creepy! I watched it on lifetime and the last shot is of shelby and u think she's dead but her eyes open and then its over. SCARY!!

Kris Kinney 

Reminded me of the movie "Misery" It wasn't a bad movie, but it also wasn't anything new. 2.5/5 stars


wow talk about cat fight XD

James K 

psycho bitches are sexy

Naama Loll 



naff movie but MISCHA BARTON :D:D

horror fan 


Two girls fighting over the same guy....while they are all college age...is pretty funny. The movie's plot can be funny, but themovie itself is very serious.

horror fan 


Jessica didn't play the nut, Mischa Barton's charactor, Shelby, did.

horror fan 


Which version? Prom Night the early 80's or remake? I love both, actually.


@LogEekumenAgination No, it's not at all funny.


man hate fighting between hot chicks :(

Steve Jobs 

she never dies cuz at the end she pops open her eyes.....then its over

Mann Ed Demalata 

ive just seen this movie on dvd the other night, shelby is very beautiful! she definitely looks like a supermodel beauty queen! but i dont like her character in this movie,but she acts real good!

Ashlee Newton 

It's premiering on Lifetime tomorrow!

paul camilleri 



looks good!

Layla Wolfe-Chlupsa 

What happened to Mischa?

Sara Wolstenholme 

omg jessica is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee