History of the Camera Phone!


This week we look at the history of cameras in cellphones, and how they've evolved into the crazy smartphones they are now.

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Channel:  Lixi Studios

1:27 the same Julian Ilett of of the Youtube?


That was a cool history lesson in camera phone progressions. Nicely done guys.


I liked the video , i love how you showed the girl trying to read her lines , it kind of made it less serious and i felt closer to you...

but i feel like you need an introduction , like "hello this is ... and ..." i don't even know your names... a lower third graphic would help too ,

the outside shooting area is nice and i think it would make it interesting if you changed your location every now and then

the topic of the video was also very interesting , keep it up guys , see you on the next one!

Tobi Bello 

Yes! New Lixi!

Leah Koh 

Sam way to nail your lines!!!