Here's why you don't buy cheap LED headlights | Halogen vs. LED


Watch this before you buy BEAMTECH headlight LED bulbs. This is my honest review of LED headlight conversion kit I bought for $35.99

I'll go through unboxing, installation and review with shots of Before and After the conversion.

I found that the brightness is nowhere near the claimed 8000 lumens, not even as bright as old halogen H11 bulbs, but the color is closer to white than halogens and the look of the headlights is pretty cool.

This is what I bought. I do not recommend it. You'd be better off with halogen lights.

This channel is boring:)

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Channel:  Joe Berger

Theres one other big advantage to going LED over halogen-

The running hours.

Almost *all* of my driving in my vehicle is at night- And when most halogen bulbs are rated for 500-1000 running hours, it actually doesnt take that long to go through them. LED lights will (normally) last dozens of times longer than halogen- and are worth it from that perspective alone to me.

The F150 is Stylish 

If u wanna see more at night but need more light than purchase the nokya 5000k 55watt blue coat halogen bulb...they work amazing and u can see the road

El Criastian 

I always use the 4 sided LEDs instead of the 2 sided ones. Much brighter and mimics HIDs since the bulb lights up 360 degrees

Kevin Solway 

Just got scammed on ebay with similar lights, but received a full refund within hours. I measured that the lights are pulling 1 Amp, so at 12 volts it means they have a power of 12 watts. This means they are only producing about 800 Lumen.

I See You 

Not recommended for projector headlights dumbass......Joe is pretty stupid...


These particular LEDs are not made for projectors!

streetspeed 69 

I've ordered these going to be doing a review this weekend on reflect or headlights I'll explain fully the difference


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scooter boy30 

Well your headlight lenses are dirty .

tuyo , 

Never use a led in a projector housing you’ll just make it worst!! Go with hid

Raych Auto Lighting 



So do you like them or not? Your video makes it sound like you do but your description makes it sound like you don't like them.

Eric Wanyonyi 

I have these as Drl /Hi beam in a previous generation Accord almost similar to the one shown above. They work perfect. I have HID for low beam. I want to change the lo beam to led at some point

Tony Payson 

how are you going to do a headlight review with headlight lens that look like that?!?!



Nicolas Johnson 

There are many reasons that could lead you to alter your car's headlights. If you are replacing your headlights, it is important to ensure you get the best headlights available on the market. Cheap headlights are not recommended as they could easily get damaged, unlike quality headlights that are durable.


Cheap LED looked worse than halogen because you lost the focused brightness in the middle with Halogen


you don't use led in a projection headlight lol!!

victor marin 

They aren’t bright because they are 25 watt each the 36watt each is better and brighter

Driving in New York City, NYC 

I notice my first 8000 lumens led is brighter than the 9600 lumens. The 8000 is four sides, the 9600 is 2 side. Getting 16000 lumens 4 side next.

Lars Frerichs 

They still work?

jason mic 

Is there any way to get in touch with you?

Luis Ramirez 

You cant rag on a particular LED bulb just because it didnt work for you. I have Beamtech bulbs on my Silverado and its damn near daylight at night. I had to really make sure they were aimed properly because I didnt want to blind anyone on the road. Theyre super bright. I love them. Plus you put them in projectors. Did you buy bulbs specifically for projectors or whatever matched your cars bulb fitment? Lastly, clean your headlight up a little bit. It would make a huge difference.


I have BeamTech led in my 2013 Elantra, they are much whiter than stock halogens, my car has reflector lamps, not this style of projector lens of this Honda.

Jan Mirage 

Man you got me at the end! I was drinking juice when you said this 2:52


Watch my video cheap leds 28 euros in avensis 4000lm 3 times better than halogen

Derrick Hodges 

How's that night driving in the rain?

Sumeet Bajaj 

Buy a FCL led bulbs. They are available on amazon Japan can be delivered via Good luck.


Illegal in Australia unless the vehicle came manufactured with them as standard. Better to buy a set of Lightforce spotties if you need good lighting

Steven Totikidis 

They are no good, I bought them for my mercedes, the light was worst than the original, I think Hid are better, cheers

Makan Tahi 

what about dust cover that you did not put back on

John Law 



This is why you must always use a brand that knows the industry and has a passion for it. Amazon has many sellers that simply want to push push push and sell stuff but never really understand what the industry is looking for nor what they need. Only at JDM ASTAR does this technology actually get researched, innovated, and improved. Good work on the channel, Joseph!


waste of time


Get bumper mounted deer whistles.

Tim Venables 

Polarity* LED's are diodes thus DC curreent can only travel in one direction, they're often used to prevent back current flow. #FYI


The light beam is not uniform and looks scattered


LED's working temperature is lower than Halogen, so the headlight lens last longer


Thank you for an honest review.

Jester Avrgjoe 

Yes blind everyone on the road. Assholes!!!

Chris B 

These are FINE. These ate made for REFLECTIVE housings not PROJECTOR housings. Thats why the light output is bad. In a reflective housing they will look WAY better. Its your headlight housing not the bulb....


Give me back my fucking 3 mins!


I bought a pair on eBay for $13 and they are twice as bright

Salman Saeed 

I think it matters on which lights you get, I recently bought 30 dollar LED lights for my Honda Pilot and I had to buy a new pair because they were too bright.


if you do some research you'll find that the brightest from least to most are LEDs, halogens, HIDs the misconception is that LED are brighter because they shine more white than halogens but in lumens halogens are the same or brighter.

joe hernandez 

i have found that projector headlights tend to work better with HID vs LED. It just depends on the projector headlight. LED lights do work way better than halogen bulbs. i did a swap on my mustang and there is a very big difference.

don hezca 

Crazy I pay $60 dollars for my Sylvania ones

Auxito LED 

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Tanah Merah 

Human eyes are more sensitive to yellow than blue. To perceive the same brightness, the bluer the light the more brighter the light needs to be.