Help! Oldsmobile Intrigue Electrical Problem Instrument Panel Faulty Cluster? Repair - update.


My car recently started having problems, and the instrument cluster started doing what you see in the video - intermittently. It is doing this right when I turn the car on, and in park. This stopped when I: 1) put it in gear, but it comes back; or 2)unplug a phone charger, but it comes back.

On two occasions, the car wouldn't start. Sometimes, the panel starts doing what you see, but while I'm driving. However, the car doesn't stall or anything. The panel just goes nuts. If the past, I've replaced the ignition switch due to non-starting problems.

An advice or suggestions you have would be appreciated!

This is a:

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue GX

3.5 engine


UPDATE: It was in the shop for 3 weeks, and the mechanic couldn't figure anything out or replicate it. Then, it just stopped happening for the most part. I replaced my battery recently, as well, and haven't had any major problems with this since then. Very strange...

UPDATE 2 (Jan 2014) -- Recently I changed the water pump a...

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Deandre Wills 

I have a 98 Oldsmobile intrigue. My gas hand is stuck behind the knob like or stick at the full mark. Any suggestions on how to fix??

Caleb Prochazka 

hey I'm having the same problem with my 01 intrigue

Comet Jockey Dave 

I have an '02 Sleep, and the door, locks, the trunk release the interior pictures, and the instrument panel will quit, and the car won't start until it recovers from this on its own. it seems to be a package deal so I hope I can get some help chasing down the problem soon.

Barbera Tijger 

look here///perhaps same problem....


Hi Mary! Thanks for sharing your update. I will have to try that next...we bought a new car, and I've been a bit neglectful with my intrigue :) Where were the four grounds? I'll just poke around, but I know where 2-3 are.


Hi Mary - Mine still comes and goes, which leads me to think it could be: ignition switch (could also explain the non-starting issues), or a faulty ground somewhere. I'm no electrical technician/engineer, so trying to trace a faulty wire/connection within the entire system is not likely to be something I can do. Good luck! Definitely let me know if you get yours worked out!


UPDATE: This car will make me crazy. Anyway - had some weird cluster activity again starting a few weeks ago, and then the car didn't want to start (hard start w/ turning but no start) several different times. Alternator tested fine. I replaced the battery, and that worked for a few days before giving me problems again. My new plan: I've inspected the positive terminal cables, and there's definitely some blueish corrosion within the cable itself. I'm going to attempt replacing the battery cable (might do both positive and negative) and all connectors, making sure they're all clean and tight. I'll update again later.


I have a 1999 oldsmobile eighty eight. A mouse or squirrel ate through the wires going to the transmission which included wires necessary to start the car. I was able to splice back those wires and start the car and drive it home, but a few days later, it would not start again. I did not find any new chewed wires under the hood. I'm now looking for a video to help me take the dash apart so I can look for more chewed wires. I'm fairly sure there is a short because the radio sporadically came on with no key in the ignition while I was taking apart the lower part of the dash. I just need help with the top half. I already broke a bit of the lower because I missed a screw, but I can glue it and no one will notice. I don't want to break the upper part. I disconnected the battery after the radio was fluttering with no key in the ignition. BTW, the gauge had similar affect of the needles going backwards. I'm pretty sure that is a sign of a short in the wires and not just corroded battery cable


UPDATE: Since the early January 2014 repairs, I haven't had any problems with the cluster at all. So, it seems most likely that it was just an electrical issue due to a weak or spotty connection. So far, so good.


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I recently replaced my battery cable posts (the silver/brass pieces at the end of the cables that screw into the battery. The old ones were scratched & corroded. Making sure the connection is tight has helped. Also check the positive cable housing for corrosion (blueish crap); mine had a lot and I cleaned it. Part of my cable likely needs replacing due to corrosion. A bad connection can also drain the battery, which was a problem.


I had similar problems for a while where the car wouldn't start (honestly, it still happens randomly).

I have had the ignition switch replaced at least once or twice in the past 10 years, and that helps at first. I've also noticed that when my car won't start, but there is definitely electrical power (lights on, engine turns a bit but won't catch and start, etc) - what has worked is disconnecting my battery cables, waiting for a couple of minutes, and reattaching them.


UPDATE: It was in the shop for 3 weeks, and the mechanic couldn't figure anything out or replicate it. Then, it just stopped happening for the most part. I replaced my battery recently, as well, and haven't had any major problems with this since then. Very strange...


Thanks! That was my second guess (if it isn't the ignition switch again - the multiple non-starts are making me think it might be that again)

Alec Adams 

Could be a bad Instrument cluster