Hammerli 850 22 - Target or Varmint, this CO2 rifle gets the job DONE! - Review by AirgunWeb


I've been a fan of the Hammerli 850 Air Magnum for many years, but I've never shot the .22 caliber version. That was until now. I'm very impressed with the accuracy at 25 yards and the fact that I'm getting up to 13 FPE with most pellets that I'm testing. If you are target shooting on a budget and want PCP accuracy without the costs of all the supporting equipment to fill them, then this rifle may be a great option for you.

Man it's a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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Where can I buy this co2 adapter?

Bikram Mahananda 

Please sir this gun one hindi video ready please reaquest


Great accurate rifles but comparatively expensive when you add a mod to quiet it down. Best to get a used one or refurb.

D.J. Dayola 

whats the name of the scope? where can i get it?

Vince Medak 

What scope are you using here?


I forgot. I Use a heat pad during cold weather. It works. I use an Fx crown now. The 850 will drop rats and squirrels at 30-40 yards, noproblem.


My first accurate rat rifle upgrade. Mine loves sniper lights, and falcons. I'm thinking of adding the air venturi bottle for air.

Ray Lee 

Whare did you buy the 2 x cartridge cylinder please?

Brian Smith 

Great review, Did I miss you saying how many shots you got with 2 12 gr carts? Thanks. Brian Smith

1000 Subs with no videos? Lol 

Can i hunt some smaller animals like bird,squirels,rabbits,foxes with it?

shane barry 

love your show. question . were can i get aftermarket parts for this rifle. i put a ninja tank on mine and did some special cuts in the stock to make the gauges and fill port work right. .i want to do a trigger and spring job ,even a valve upgrade if possible . i even built my own supressor system for it . but i love this gun and great shot for shot and not weather dependent any more. nail driver and accurate

thankyou for your time

Robin Hood 

Rick, for co2 guns you might want to include the temperature reading of the environment as well. My guess is this gun was shot around 75-85 degrees F?


Thank you for an excellent review. I've co2 revolvers/pistols but never considered it for air rifles as well. You've changed my mind.

Doug Dunlap 

Rick how is it going with regards to the Youtube issues? Are things starting to normalize?


Impressive indeed, you took me by surprise with that one. Who would have ever thought you would get that kind of accuracy out of a co2 gun. Videos like this will certainly get those younger and new to the hobby interested in airgunning .

M Ja 

Impressive 👍


Rick, I haven’t had a Co2 since 1989, and never reconsidered one until this review. Great work... so glad you’re back!

shane barry 

could you review thw 850 am 22 with the air venturi hpa bottle with 1100 psi regulated system please

Varmint Sniper 

These guns are not pellet fussy. I have 2 850’s and a Dominator 1250. Both out shoot most of my Airguns. It’s just hard to find a fill adapter for the Dominator any more. Finding that after loosing mine this summer. Amazon has them but $25 shipping! Ouch. Haha. Currently looking at converting the 850’s to bottle guns soon.

Curt Byra 

Been waitin a long time for this one

Andrew Llewellyn 

Great review👍

pellet powwer 

So weird I just got the same rifle about 45min ago......I luv it!

Tim Briggs 

Rick. tim here it's good to see you and all the other air gun channels are back on track keep up the good work my friend

AZ Airgunner 

Nice shootin Rick!! Best I've seen u do on any review. Nice video!!



A hammer spring mod will get you 17fpe with no loss in accuracy and there are plenty of hpa conversions available!

D B 

CO2 no. not ever....