Halo 3 - How To Unlock All Armour


Recon is now an Unlockable armour. To get it, simply get all the 'Vidmaster' acheivments on Halo 3 and Halo 3 : ODST.

- Since the update, you now have to become a spartan officer (lieutenant) in an individual playlist (via exp, eg social slayer) not overall to get the Rogue helmet.

Here is the info about the armour i didn't metion in the video:

You unlock the Security Armor in Halo 3 by getting Gamerscore in the Game. To get the Shoulder Armor, you will need to rack up 700-850 GS (it seems to vary for some reason).

Note: There is a known glitch in the game that will not allow players to unlock the Security Shoulders sometimes.

The "Combat Armor" is the default Armor set for elite's.

The "Assault Armor" is another default armor set for the Elite player model.

There have been reports of bugs with the Elite "Commando" Armour being unlocked from some players.

"Commando" was given away by bungie to everyone because of this glitch.

The C.Q.B Armor Permutation, and MARK VI in Halo 3 is ...

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Just paying my respect to the first few videos I’ve watched on YouTube.

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Bring this type of unlock in halo infinitive

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Wats the 1000GS??

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I miss watching this as a kid trying to get all the armors

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The guy who made this video is probably an adult now holy fuck

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The generation today will never know how good your e was back then. This takes me back to when I was in middle school grinding out halo 3 on legendary with my friend so we could get the hayabusa armor. Good times

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God I’m about to cry back when life was fun and simple school was fun back then I had a lot of friends my family was fun and we didn’t have smartphones or social media video games were actually fun back then friends were closer and stuck together nowadays life is depressing..

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Man I hated this song when I was 11. Now it's like... groovy. And listen to the lyrics they are hysterical.

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My fav armor is



I miss tutorials like this one.


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10 years later and still prefer this movie maker simplistic video. I miss Halo 3 and old YouTube.



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Don’t be sad Halo is dead, be happy Halo lived. If you remember terrible chat audio I love you.


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The good old days. I miss the old Halo 3 days because that's when I had Halo buddies and we would play custom games all day, everyday. Like Cops and Robbers, Lava Pit (which was my personal favorite,) Fat Kid, and so much more. Damn time flies by.

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This vid helped me make Meta from RVB


I have 945 on halo 3 an still got the marathon/security helmet?

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