GTA 5 Online Multiplayer Gameplay - GTA Online - Import/Export DLC Gameplay



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This dasuberpoop video will show you:

- How to play GTA Online

- How to make money in GTA Online

- How to win at GTA Online

- How to beat the missions in GTA Online

- How to beat the heists in GTA Online

Answers to FAQs about the video:

- This video contains GTA 5 Online gameplay and GTA 5 Online commentary.

- This is GTA 5 Online PS4 gameplay

- This isn't GTA 5 Online Xbox One ga...

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Eros "Deku" Morellix 


Gamerx Titas 

Does it posible on xbox 360?

Mark Pickerman 

Love the commentary!!

Are you using auto aim or manual?

Lena Gaming 

The beginning had me dying LMAO


ok bagus

HaVoK GameZHd 

big fat can of whopass was opened the first 30sec of the video


music at 15:23

Haoqian Wang 

man youre a funny version of funny trevor

Kaleb .R 

8:20 wtf

dont read my profile picture 

8:16-8:22 wtf


The type of player everyone hates but he's black so I'll let that slide

trexian Otico 



1st guy :yo man you got the good stuff 2st yeah i got it dasuber : shoot the 2st guy 1st guy: OH FUCK at 0:25

Flo Rebel 

lol he tell la ka ki ka ka in 9:41


yo im 100th comment

Leo Roque 

So damn funny!!! Is there any way to become apart of soldiers of victory!!??

Kelo Turner 

Everyone lets all subscribe and like his videos, lets make him the next typical gamer. bout time a black man gets recognized

Ellis Gibson 

aha I use to kill that code on vice city

Lawrence n Violeta Torres 

Lmao funny shit in the beggennig


lmao funny as hell just got a new subscriber xD

george luckaas 

das should have over a million sub's

Justin Nelson 

You are so funny!!

Blonde Ape 



GTA 5 Online takes place before the single player, so the Lost were still around.

l Wicked l 

your to funny bro.

patrick dangerfield 

The intro 😂 😂 😂

GRaVi TRoPe 

another good'n! layin them putos down!

Michael V 

This is great LMFAO

Michael Bonner 

BlackPanther5682 PS4 gamer tag down for the soldiers of victory

Stan J-P 

love the vids

Frantic Gamer 

Dasuberpoop what is you profile pic on PS4

Rash'd Bernard Jr. 

dasuberpoop funny asf. we gotta fuck sum shit bro

Kesean Green 

hell yeah

Yhung Stunna 

ps3 or Xbox?

Didier Eliatha 

dont kick my shit!!!!! lmao now we know what happens if u touch his car xDDD hes the boss lol!!!

Mary Almp 

I'm waiting for you to play The Walking Dead season 3...

Milka Gutierez 

yes more GTA 5 love the GTA 5 vids

Brandon Gleason 

All the new cars look like the cars in Furious 7.


This boi 5 seconds into the video came back opening big fat cans of WHOOPASS

William Rivera 

just suscribed, keep up the good gameplay


funny shit bro best video

Frank H 

Jeff hardy😂😂😂


Starts off the video terrorising the world of GTA


What beat is that?


bro keep making videos

lulu roldan jr 

we need to team up bro

Johns Paul 

Good thing GTA 6 will be in Vice City

Raymond Chen 

Good to see you back here.

Ched Alfante 

Hey Dasuberpoop im a new sub ... I sub since i watch the metal gear solid peace walker ..i think this november 😊😊


Hey das, can I play with you sometimes?