Greyhound for 11 Hours


Last week we went to visit my father and sister in Bloemfontein South Africa.

The thing is that Bloemfontein is 1000km from where I live and we had only 2 days to stay there because I have to get back to school.. So LONNGGG story short..

I vlogged the almost 3 day trip and will upload all 3 days seperately otherwise you might be sitting infront of the computer for a day or two..

Enjoy :)


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Channel:  Steven Jay
Given Mwepu 

dude you should try 26 hours plus stops going to Cape Town

Eduardo Sanchez 

I'm sorry to say it, but Mexican buses make this look obsolete...

ROTA de ÔNIBUS - Jackson Araújo 



Fuck South Africans

Gildamachute Jamisse 

Is very very good. greyhound !!

Baris G Cape Town 

Rezil bir video...bilgi yok

Game Over 

Best brazilian designer bus ... its cool.

Adrian Mainar 

I want to see more videos of your trip to Bloemfontein.

ex-muslim Atheist Rebel 

man an 11-hour ride on Greyhound bus that right there is a struggle right there is rebel.. struggling struggling struggling struggling ding ding ding 😂 why does it look like you people driving on the wrong side of the road🤔


Try a 17 hour Greyhound trip. Never again I hope.

olavo bolico 

Este ônibus é Março pólo é de origem brasileira vida cidade de Caxias Do Sul Brasil

Boxing Conversations with Reggie Owens 

Take your ass back to Europe pale folks

Shalltin Beneke 

Alot of my family live in Bloemfontein:) It's a nice place 👌


When GREYHOUND will be getting those HUGH ENGLISH BUILT GREYHOUND BUSES Over here in "AMERICA"...?

Mánuel Kiatoko 

Dude I enjoyed made me sub keep it up. ✊🏾


Bloemfontein.. Sounds pretty dutch O.o

Robert Mcneal 

Did u go all the way without switching to another bus ?

Reece Vanpletsen 

Just fly ???

Driven Junkie 

Reminds me of when I use to take the Greyhound, Intercape, and Translux to East London and Joburg from Durban. It was exciting as a young child. Mind me asking, I saw you driving to the bus station, why didn't you drive to Bloem?

Delaware Digger 

Looking good bro, keep it up...

Discojazz Gt 

Nice trip bro!,,,

James Hahn 

Spending a long time on a Greyhound is no fun at all. One time I was on my way home and sitting  behind me on the bus was an Amish couple (If you don't know who the Amish are, Google them.) and their two small children. Within their community, the Amish use an old dialect of German. Knowing German, I was eavesdropping. The woman would speak to her husband but, to reply he would just sort of grunt.  I think he spoke a total of maybe 5 whole words the entire trip. Then the driver got pulled over for speeding and made us late.

Beane Marais 

Love it!

Altlo _ 

Nice videos, because I'm on mobile I can't reply on messages. But I just subbed anyway

Jacob Paik 



I love how you say Bloemfontein :') I just love your accent in general ^-^