Google Nexus 5X Hands-on


2015 marks the return of the compact-sized Nexus phone. Say 'Hi' to the Google Nexus 5X by LG! Want to see what it's about? Here are our first hands-on impressions!

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song in the bckground. anyone with an idea?

Blaž Veber 

no SD card slot...fuck that NEXUS shit.

Raffy G 

I have already decided that I will switch to Windows 10 with the Lumia 950XL as my main driver and maybe a Nexus 5X with 32GB as my back up device. The only reason I will get an Android is because of the number of Apps and Games that are not available on WP devices but I realized that WP OS is actually cleaner, faster, secured and more stable than iOS and Android. Also, Lumia phones have incomparable camera modules.


it's not duel front speakers you goof


Nice looking phone

S!xtyN!ne Solo 

I am so happy that google has moved back to LG. LG is simply super. :D

Jithin Johnson 

Nexus 5x 👍 Your hand looks weird


my god, what a giant shovel...

Keen W 

no front facing speakers. check the google site they even say themselves.

Hert Niks 

5x has one front facing speaker, not dual.


Im gonna upgrade from my samsung s3 2gb ram running cm 12.1 to this. The ram amount is fine i close my apps after i close the app. The 808 will be a nice upgrade aswell. And battery life will be so much better


it does not have dual front facing speakers , one is for calls and second one is for multimedia , the top one is just for calls , the bottom one is pure speaker no mic , the real mic close by power jack ... i would be great if they use one speaker for both same like blackberry one for both use calls + Multimedia

Metal DUCK 

Whats the song in the background?


only one ffs ffs.


can anyone confirm if this phone has stereo speakers? i want to buy this one.

Ray Ant 

Lmao nexus 5x=mid range phone

Zack Halverson 

Bottom is just a mic


if the front facing speaker is at the bottom then you could probably use a mod to get the top one working as well, like the nexus 5 surround sound mod


still not dual front facing speakers

Nics Nattapol 

dual or single front speaker ?

MJ Jaber 

That fake speaker at the bottom really pisses me off.....

# I pre ordered the damn phone....but o well..

Mauricio Mercado 

Lumia 640xl copy :v

Dylan Southall 

It only has one front facing speaker on the bottom.

Prasad Bankar 

Does it have camera ?

Aman Zaman Taman 

Just test those damn speakers,play a tone or sound and cover them with your finger

Smit Mehta 

when u will get this phone really hands on...?


can you confirm dual front speakers? some sources say mono speaker

dr. whet farts 

plastic garbage, fix

Tudor Paraschiv 

don't like it

Coleman Lim 

You sure it's dual front facing speakers.....?

Phrea Spirit 

nice, hope the speaker is loud and crisp and cameras are better than my N5 . maybe getting this one in near future!

Fernando Aguirre 

That looks a lot like a Nokia Lumia 925 or 1520

Andre Tyson 

The moto x is a better deal by far


was considering selling my G4 for the 5x but it sounds like i already have the better phone.

Sam AA 

Not dual front facing speakers. Kind of shitty, considering the G4 is the same sort of price with a bigger battery, SD Card slot, and im guessing the camera is going to be better since it is one of the best cameras on the market

Patrick Braun 

No, it actually does not have dual front-facing speakers.

Zavier 2323 


Will Tai 

Wish we had a nexus 5x with 6p specs (although I could do without the 4k screen)