Google Home Hub Setup & Home View Walkthrough


In this video I take you through some tips during the setup of your Google Home Hub. Then I show you how to navigate the screen, find things to ask and use the Home View feature to adjust your smart devices!

Full instructions:

Google Home Hub:

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BBQ Pitmaster 

For the soothing sound part, you chose the ocean sounds. I was wondering if it has fireplace? Like a visual picture of a fireplace and the crackling sound like Netflix has.

Slotha Nator 

Didn’t they make a blue home mini when this was released

Edac Enarc 

Can everyone sub to me I took a dare to get 1000 subscribers with no vids

farah robles 

This video was great! Do you know if the Google Home Hub has any accessibility features for people with disabilities such as voice over?


I got this thing in the mail from reliant energy to be able to monitor my reliant account on it.... does anyone know how to link my reliant account to it????? It came with ZERO instructions and the people who sent it to me (reliant) don’t even know how to set it up with my reliant account. Go figure. About to send it back.

Tommy Hernandez 

Great video Brett. Right now I have the Google home mini in my bedroom. I've been thinking about getting the home hub, & putting it in the kitchen. My wife likes to look up chicken dinner recipes & such. I figure she would like it if she could follow along with her favorite YouTube cooking shows.

Stuart McKenzie 

I am having trouble getting my nest video doorbell to show up (ring) on my home hub... Think I did everything following the instructions meticulously. Ant suggestions?

John Ibrahim 

Can you play you tube kids on it ?

Tommy Jakobsen 

hello, i don´t care if it has touch panel.. also can it control light in room automatik, then the living room get dark, and detect any audio or movement it turn on light, .. if not its just another tablet...

rye 09 

How do I set up new Wi-Fi on the hub.


I only have my hotspot for internet, no WiFi. Can this still work?

Andrea Murrell 

so does this work like the alexa hub brands?


Are you able to get it so it always is on the home screen?

Diane Lucio 

Is there a way to get it to stay on the home page. Mine keeps showing pictures. I've asked it to stay on the home page. It will go to the home page for a minute then back to pictures.

Ace Lucero 

Very informative video. Thank you very much.

Michelle Draper 

so you can't do a video call say from one hub to another.. me to my father? I thought that was something this did!

branson haren 

Awe thanks for being so considerate. I’m sick of having to shut my gh up bc of a video I’m watching. So sir, hats off to u💜

dale brown 

My smart phone does just about all that! Just sayin

Zephoro Huggins 

Great video

Tom Hale 

Can u connect the google home hub to my jbl bluetooth speakers??

Jesus Salazar 

I'm trying to decide if I should get this for my 75 year old mother. All my siblings have android phones but my mother refuses to move on from her flip phone. Have you had a chance to explore how the photo sharing feature would work?

Patrick Farrell 

when trying to make a phone call say on Duo it keeps dropping the call?

Luis Gerardo Rivera 

My wife bought 2 google home hubs to video chat with my Daughter like in the commercial and I bought one yesterday for the same reason but I found out that it does not have a camera. Did we buy the wrong one? I'm so disappointed at my self for not informing my self first. What commercial shows a young lady video chatting with her Dad sharing a recipe ?

My little pony Celeste 


Frank E. 

Please do a tutorial on routines. It looks like the only trigger for the routines is voice with a time constraint. Does these mean that there is no support for motion or contact sensors? Does the Nest Hello motion detect or doorbell push actually bring up the camera display?

Landon Hamilton 

What's your favorite Google home

Garett Badrena 

I cannot see my upcoming appointments-reminders that I have set up. It states to change my permissions in the app. Cannot locate where to do this though.

Dsloth 579 

How do you add contacts too

Dsloth 579 

Thanks for muting it I’m right next to mine Lul

molly stilling 

can i have one phone be the main hub phone but can multiple phones connect to it? if that makes ANY sense?

Kelvin Tien 

Hey Brett! How can you stop the display from going to night mode?

NathanxX - TextingStory and more 

Do I have to pay to use YouTube Music on the Google Home Hub?

NathanxX - TextingStory and more 

I gotta be careful when I get this device that I mute it, mute the video when it gets to OK Google, or watch it as long as OK Google is muted xD

Dan Dixon 

I guess I’m confused why do you have to use your phone to set up this device

Fernando Ríos 

Hi, First of all, very nice video, I want this device so much!

Do you all know when is this device coming to Mexico? and another question if you all can help me, how do I adjust lights' colors from the home app in my cellphone?


how can you set up an alarm for weekdays (Mon-Fri) at 06:15 am? I mean repeated daily every week? and controlling snooze time?

Don Trump 

Hey Brett... Ya know what? I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED that you take the time to answer (what seems like) every question someone asks you on here. Ive never seen any other channel do it as well as you seem to.

While I dont know how many hours you put into such a thing, Im thinking someday it might end (or at least get less and less) In the meantime.... KUDOS to you bud!

Bhranti patel 

How to set up lights on hub? I can’t see any option while pulling down the screen??

Jose A Avellanet 

Great walkthrough, waiting until it goes on sale before Christmas to grab one!

Sara Keetch 

Why I can't broadcast from my Google home mini to my Google home hub? Help

Scotia Jinker 

To me this is the emperors new cloths .. there’s virtually nothing on that hub that I can’t do with my phone.

Nick B 

U should make a video on this google hub that is all voice activated i mean thats the reason y people want this not 2 swipe like and ipad


if it could be move from room to room, than wifi reception is very important....what if one's wifi does not reach a upper stair bedroom, where you would like to set it up as an alarm clock? And for music, is it like Echo, you have to buy a subscription?


how many of the cameras can be put on there.??

J Biggs 

Question for you Brett: I just purchased a home hub and have not been able to figure out how to bring up a recent YouTube TV recording on it. Ideally I’d like to be able to say “OK Google, Play the most recent “Sports Center” recording on the Kitchen Display” (or any cast-able device in my home). I don’t even see “YouTube TV” as an option in the list of services (nor do I see regular YouTube in the list). Is there a trick to getting that working? Have you had any similar issues?

K.C. Kenneth Ngai 

I have already in use with few amazon lightbulbs which are controlled by Smartlife apps it works great with HOME MINI.

However, I cant see the drag-down menu in the HOME HUB contain my light control... anyone can solve this for me?

I bought my HOME HUB for that little control pannel but it doesnt come up :/


For the life of me... i cant get wallpaper to something else other than the clock,

Stephen Addison 

Please could  you help me by showing how to add a light on the home hub and controlled by Google Assistant when asked to. Thanks


do i have to have a smart phone to work this?


i had the zwave switch but not work with google? no step require to add switch/ device?