Goodwill class 12th [ what is goodwill] goodwill accounting, basic concepts (in Hindi) no 15


Partnership goodwill basics for class XIIth.

how to calculate goodwill

partnership accounting class no 15

1 what is goodwill

2 basic concepts of goodwill

3 types of goodwill

4 treatment of goodwill

5 how to calculate goodwill for class 12

6 goodwill nature and valuation

7 calculation of goodwill in Hindi

8 calculate goodwill for class 12th

9 method for calculation of goodwill

10 self generated goodwill

11 purchased goodwill

12 average profit method

13 super profit method

14 capitalization method

it is 15th video given by infinite intelligence by pradeep

1st video- partnership accounting basic concepts


2nd video - partnership deed (basic concept)


3rd video - partnership deed (question and answer)


4th video -how to prepare profit and loss appropriation accounts


5th video- profit a...

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Arvind Kumar 

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Goodwill samjha rahe hai ya sale and purchase

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Khalid Mir 

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Amaya sen 

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What a style to teach the students



Hello.. will you please help me how to make this types of videos.. actually i am also a teacher n my subject is account but I m not able to make such type i use pen and paper so can you help me ?

Anshul Bansal 

Nice ,sir your best and pure teaching by video class so intersting

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I am student of Shubam yadav

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