Goodbye Newton Mail: Shutdown


The sad news is Newton, the popular email client is closing up. Newton Mail has made waves in the last few years with its design and range of features for professionals, businesses and teams. For many, it was one of the best app experiences out there. Today I wanted to share my thoughts as someone who worked with the Newton team and what I'm going to trialling as my next email app.

Here's the official announcement:

A huge thank you for all the subscribers, community who subscribed. The Newton team for their knowledge and support and press for covering Newton over the last 2 years.


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An amazing email app. Sad to see them go

Анастасия Русинова 

It was the best email client for me. I use about 1,5 years. I'm still upset and can't find other mail app. I try many others. But Newton is the best (((

mayur bhatia 

Pls do also check airmail app , which is also an client based email app

Tom Klimenz 

I guess you've learned a lot about marketing: Do not overcharge! Especially when competition is round the corner. Fantastic email client, but pricing structure completely detached from reality. Maybe ok for few executives or fanatics but that's about it. 1 million times say $10 is way more that 10 thousand times 100$. You guys happened to put zeros on the wrong side of equation. Hopefully someone will pick up the pieces and resurrect once great app at a decent profit.

Travelling Light Photography 

I can't believe that they couldn't sell it to new owners etc. If Apple had the eye they used to, they would have bought it and merged it's features into Mac Mail or something. It is one of the few email apps that offer complete cross-platform compatibility. At one point I was running it on Mac OS, WIndows 10, iOS and Android - all offered the same look and features.

J Canan 

I paid for Newton without hesitation I loved it that much! I couldn't be more bummed. I hope it will see light again some day. Maybe they will sell to someone else who can keep it going, idk. Anyhow, this really really bummed me out. Looking forward to your recommendations though. My brother put me on to Spark and it has really amazing features.

Ari Gadget 

One of the best email apps. Been using for about 1.5 yrs now. Not sure what to move to. What are other people moving to? I am thinking about spark or polymail. Airmail seems to have lot of complaints and no good reviews on app store. Edison mail is also solid.

Steve Vansak 

I’m looking forward to your recommendations. Newton is my business email client of choice and I was shocked / dismayed when I heard the news.

Chris Fischer 

This is one of the reasons I hate/distrust SaaS. I want product that I can download, and install, and keep using (if I want) even after they go out of business.

Jay Scott 

Outlook for iOS is pretty easy to use and great feedback and suggest a feature. Great interface and integration of other apps etc... I have tried a few email apps but this is definitely my favourite!


It`s the destiny of all premium app of such category. There is no value in it, because Gmail and it`s simple app forever.


Why is Newton shutting down they just updated the app with recap what's going all of a sudden


Sad to hear about Newton. Check out Airmail if you haven’t already. I think you’d like it. It’s very powerful, albeit a little buggy.

Leonardo Sobral 

Please can you do a review on suite!!


Airmail is pretty good, very customisable... But, as with Spark, the size of attached files isn’t that big... which is important for me.

So I’m using the native Mail application. Not the most technical, but I see it as a Swiss knife. It doesn’t offer much but it does what it offers very well.

And the attached files can be big.

And it belongs to . So there is no reason for them to stop this email client.

You could also check Edison.

I’m interested to see your views after your monthly try....

Cheers Francesco!

iam thebside 

This hurts, bigtime. I’ve tried a ton of email clients and NONE of them come close to Newton’s powerful options and its beautiful minimal UI. Airmail, Outlook, Spark, Mailspring… I never tried Polymail, but at $13 a month… that’s a little steep. I’m testing a client called Astro right now, it’s interesting…

Phil Lewis 

What a shame. Newton had great mail and calendar products which I was happy to use and pay for. I guess I was in the minority, and now I need to think again across my devices.

Thanks for sharing this Francesco. This must have been difficult for you too.

Christian De Vos 

I used cloudmagic and it was fabulous. Then it became Newton and i had to pay $5 à month. I'm not stupid. Now i use thé freelance app typeapp. Very good for multiple accounts. Spark is only IOS.


I'm going to miss the recap function - anyone know of an alternative?

Scott Whitlow 

Absolutely loved Newton email app. The new "Mailspring" app for Mac is very similar. Too bad they don't have an iOS app yet. Otherwise, that would be my replacement. I have seen others talk about why don't you go back to Apple mail? It is simply because Apple Mail doesn't support the features that we "email enthusiast" need. Things like Read Receipts, Send Later, etc. I know you can use mail butler and other add-ons to integrate those features on the Mac. But, they do not extend to iOS. I need an email app that is on iPhone, iPad and Mac and that has the same feature parity as Newton. Astro is out since they still do not support IMAP. That pretty much leaves Spark, Polymail, Airmail and Microsoft Outlook I think. None of them really have felt "just right" for me yet. I have landed on Spark for the time being until I can find something else or if Spark improves in the UI department.

Juan Manuel 

The first error was Newton's pricing model, there he began his death.

Sparkk TV 

I've tried Airmail, Spark, Polymail, etc... I always come back to Apple Mail on iOS & Mac. Is there a reason you don't like Apple Mail or why you don't try it? On macOS you can extend it with mailbutler.

Ryan Wells 

The way they switched overnight from free to a huge fee was a PR disaster. Went from hero to zero overnight. Foolish to move to so swiftly and without taking the audience with them and build out the service.

John Marshall 

Saw this coming when they started the $49 per year subscription without any pay-by-month option. They started offering a $4.99 monthly option last month... but it was too late.

When Newton implemented the $49 yearly subscription, soooooooo many users begged for a monthly option but Newton didn't listen. Sad. It was my absolute favorite email app.

There is no there email app with Evernote integration like it for Android. Spark has been saying that an Android version is "coming soon "... which Spark has been saying for over a year... so, I wouldn't count on it.

Gail Powell 

Sorry to hear about Newton. I’ve been using Spark on my IPad and came across a problem. I can’t seem to select multiple emails and execute a single action on them. Processing each individual email is tedious, and I find myself not using Spark as much as I thought I would.


Been using Newton since it came up on Windows last year. I don't understand people who think it was expensive: if you do a lot of email everyday it was worth every penny. This is unfortunate, as it has become central to my email workflow, but well, time to move on - these things happen :) Thank you for letting us know about your thoughts so quickly after that email from the Newton Team! And to those dissapointed about jumping to using an app and then it shuts down... it's the way things work: they're dynamic. As Francesco mentioned, there is always a risk when you use a software, and that's why you can like it, enjoy it, and use it, but NEVER become too attached to it. Cheers!

João Pedro Reis 

Shit... As soon as I saw this, I instantly upgraded my Notion from the free plan to the Personal plan even though I haven't reached the free 1000 blocks limit yet! You're right when you say we must support our favorite tools and applications!

Amar E. Chakravarthi 

i belived you and subscribed to it, complete disaster.

fellow viewers stick to apple mail if your on mac or iOS

plus watching your video i bought Things app on mac, iphone and ipad.

Jeff Brown 

Newton’s pricing model was all wrong. Spark has been my email client of choice on iOS and it’s been great. The Mac version is good too.

david dias 

I was studying to get it. And other tool that I am interested is Astro, any thoughts?


Yes, it's unbelievably sad! :(

Paulo Parreira 

So glad i didn't subscribe to Newton, tried it but 50$ was a bit. How about people who payed??


When I received the email, my heart dropped :(

Thalyssa Araujo 

I'm heartbroken.

Solo Preneur Cafe 

They have an awesome product but they pricing model was all wrong. I really like Spark and Astro. I really really like Astro. Newton made the mistake of letting people copy their swipe feature and then trying to charge for it! Plus, they didn’t handle the switch correctly as I was one of the was who didn’t convert over to the $50 a month plan mainly because I didn’t like the way they did it.

David Silva 

sad :(

Kapil Singh 

It was you I bought newton and now they are shutting down. Bad

Keep Productive 

✉️ Goodbye Newton: A message from Newton CEO -

Thank you to all the subscribers - I'll be back with some other recommendation not to worry!