Good & Affordable Steadicam (Yelangu s60t)


Get the film look with this awesome steadicam stabilizer called Yelangu s60t. It's affordable so it's perfect for indie filmakers. You get the steadycam in a small bag together with a manual, a hex key and some extra weights. It's made out of carbon fiber, and weights only 800 grams without the weights.

The key elements of a good steadicam is the three axis gimbal with the yaw axis, pitch axis, and roll axis, the option to adjust the camera back and forth and side to side, adding weights and adjusting it up and down. The Yelangu s60t have it all, and it's easy to adjust.

The Yelangu s60t can handle cameras up to 3kg, so DSLRs are perfect. If you are using DSLR cameras or smaller, and do take care of your equipment while traveling, the Yelangu a60t is exactly the product you need. Actually it’s cheaper then to build one yourself.

UPDATE: I bought mine at the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam September 2015 for $50. The price may vary from place to place, so be sure to do some research bef...

Channel:  Andyax

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Is it possible to use this type of steady cam upside down, so that the camera is near the ground?

HO3D FilmWox Nigeria 

Beautiful showcase. Thanks for this

Sumesh Jiosim 

Super bro

Lohith Rao 

Thats one superb review!

Osvaldas Smitas 

What is the difference for filming between s60 - s40 ?


good shot😉👍

Margaux Chatelin 

Hi ! Thank you for your video :) I was wondering, how long do you think we can hold the steadi and the camera before losing the arm? :P My goal is to record a long trip, so I will be walking for hours...

Thank you ! Greetings from France !

Nathaniel B Hart 

I need help. no matter what I do, the bottom is still too heavy and i can’t balance it. and when i take off all of the weights, it’s too light on the bottom


Does it also work on the lumix G7?

Eddie Amiet 

Is this shot in Prague?

Collin Willoughs 

It hurts to see Eskild again. Just reminds me he's gone. RIP buddy.


few minutes of watching makes me feel like i'm in heaven.

nice background music lol

amit gahlot 

Can it manage canon 80D ?


for the steadycam do you need os lenses?

Carolyn Fitch 

Zhiyun stabilizers help me to create my own movies! The intuitive interface design help to easily identify the connection status, battery level, control mode and multiple camera params, giving a full control over every detail! So amazing!

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Mad Cow Rebel 

is now $89.99.

mhadz jherd

KBakopoulos Nutrition 

Will this work with a mirrorless that weights about 0.6kg?


I lost the cd


What’s the Luts you used? Or did you color grade it yourself?

danyal visuals 

Hey Andres I know you know me by now as I comment quite a lot I’ve been a big fan since you posted the raw video hack of the canon 6d mark 2. I wanted to tell you now someone is downloading your videos and they are posting it I hope this helped 😁-

Thomas Fekenne 

Eskild... I still can't believe you are gone. Such good friends you had. 🙏

Suave Le 


Stanley Surya 

How to keep the camera still focused? becasue focus will change quickly when using a camera with a small aperture

Rob James 

VERY VERY nice video, good info and I'm gonna grab one! I'm thinking if you put some thread lock fluid (blue stuff) on the screws it should prevent it from coming loose from vibrations

N I G H T C I E L 

Can do a video on how to make a short film using one camera


I got a problem with my steadicam ,the main rod keep removing it self from the lift adjustment can someone help


Loved the short film!

Ábel Bálint 

Hey! I would love if someone could help me. I'm afraid that my camera + lens would be too light for a stabilizer like this (approximately 650 grams, Canon 1100D and a 1.8 stm lens) is it just me or this really would be a problem? How can I add extra weight to my camera without buying a microphone or accessories like these? Thank you so much in advance!

Robert Linthicum 

Another key with Steadycam: One must move like a ninja or ballet dancer. Bend knees while moving. Andy's technique made an obvious difference during the tests.

Robert Linthicum 

Alternate ending: After he is handed the mask, he drops to his knees and screams "Noooooooooo!!", while cursing the skies.

Amaru P. 

6:55 no lie if it was the steadI cam manual i would've died 😂😂


great video ! best by far !

Christian Raymund Pastor 

Hi, i have this kind of steady cam, however, is there a way i could adjust the gimbal or the holder up or down?


really good and informative video

Mohit Kothiyal 

When close up shots how did you maintained focus on subject while subject is moving and camera too?


I know this is an old video but honestly, you guys should just look up how to make a towel into a streadicam for free. I've owned every single type of steadicam...simple to motorized. I get the same results with a towel cradling the camera. I mean, in a pinch, it's a solution but obviously not practical for all purpose. So, please...not complaints. Just get a towel and be off you fool!

Faizah Abd Rahman 

Nice video.

demo tester 

nice video, but the cheap epigone titanic sort of background music is terrible.


Here is our new steadycam video!

Anastasia Rose 

ur cute af



Joseph Wang 

Bro, what camera were you using when shot this video?

Hayato Matsumoto 


Scaramouche da Vinci 

Gratulation. Good work.

Question: Did you take manual or automatic focus?

And I guess it was a Lumix GH.....

james render 

Great video very polished thanks

Tony Kuzmin Vlogs 

Good test! did you compare it to a more expensive steadicams?

IzzY Channel 

In my opinion NICOLAI's shot was the best out of the 3 even though yours was the smoothest one. He did a great job when he rotated the camera towards the guy that came out from the room.


It's also good to mention that both the GH4 and the Sigma 18-35 have no image stabilization of their own