Golden Gate Bridge District To Consider Toll Hikes


no more increases!

Jay P 

Have fun, Bay Area lol I left there in 1996. Glad I left

Javier Gutierrez 

Yes charge 20 one way and 40 the other way. Then give all monies to the government. Love the idea

Tii The Gemini 

Or don't do the retrofits. Then when the San Andreas a mile from the bridge decides she wants to stretch her legs, and the bridge has to shut down for a few months for repairs, you'll wish these unfortunate hikes were necessary. So again since its such a huge deal, don't do anything and let shit fall apart. Maybe then people will understand WHY hikes are needed.

Shadow Foxx 

The bay area is BAD and BROKE

Joseph D 

There was a chance a month ago to get rid of the gas tax. Idiot voters said no. Now they want to raise the bridge toll. The tax you voted for is so hard at work that the bridge toll is going up.

Gabriel M 

God job demonrat voters, I hope liberals are barred from coming to red states.

Nicholas Taylor 

Capital needs, he needs more blow and also all the employees on disability


Is Anyone here surprised. Its going to keep rising as its always been. San Francisco is garbage and full of trash anyways. Keep your kids off the streets of San Francisco so you don’t expose them to its nasty surroundings. Been living here in the bay all my life and we never go to San Francisco. Lots of drug syringes scattered all over its city. Heres a tip just don’t go there to visit. And dont bring your kids

Silver Chopsticks 

Just another way to tax everyone to pay for liberal lovin' sanctuaries.


Keep voting one party San Fran!


😑..... And you know whats worse? Even if John Cox or Travis Allen won the governor's race, this shit would still be unsolvable because of the partisan legislature.


Queenzy Melanie 

Lmfao noooo

Nic ndahouse 

San Francisco. The land of the LGBT and home of the Druggies.

Nic ndahouse 

Good. Gives me more reasons not to go to San Francisco.

The Haunting Hour 

Someone has to pay the poop patrol. 😂 Have fun you communists.

Daniel Madden 

The public needs o demand an audit


ppl dont wanna visit there shithole town how eles will they get thoes dollars back.


id pay to get away from all thoes crack heads in sanfransisco


Taxing the working class even more. Is what's happening in France not registering with our politicians and bureaucrats?

Diego H 

Dumb San Franshitholers will agree to it, just like they agree to the CA gas tax and the $300 million bike lane on the Bay Bridge. You dumb liberals are the laughingstock of the rest of the country. And now they want to tax you drug addicts and degenerates everytime you text your drug dealer and your pimps. The average home in SF is 1.6 MIL. The avg 1BR is 3500 per month. How much is a beer at the average bar? $20?

Marc Atteberry 

This was never supposed to be a profit generating avenue for the Government.


Do they make or lose money on the ferry? I'll guess lose. Is this also paying for the stupid suicide net?