Goku Z2 Movelist


I haven't really had a chance since I got my new computer, something like a year ago now sadly, to actually learn the video editing program it came with, so I figured now was as good a time as any! Movelist seems to be a good way to show off a character and also learn the ropes of Cyberlink's PowerDirector, so I figured, why the heck not?

Maybe in the future I'll be doing a few more of these here and there! Lemme know what you guys think!

Side note, there's actually another variation of Kaioken where it ends with Genkidama, but I couldn't get it to trigger for some reason, sorry!


Goku Z2 by Balthazar & Cybaster

Dante by Bugya

Assassin by ouchi


Dragon_City_Lo-res by Fr33dom87


"Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Flying Heaven OC ReMix" by zircon

Channel:  Kage_Okami

Goku Z2 Movelist featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Danny Furrison 

I hope the other super saiyan forms make it in too. And maybe made up power ups for the non saiyan z fighters

Dragon Ball Extreme 

Guys for those on Computer!

X,Y,Z = Light Kick , Medium Kick , Strong Kick

A,B,C = Light Punch , Medium Punch , Strong Punch

Now for those who must be babbling "TF is Light Punch , Strong Punch

etc. You can test in your Mugen , you should test in your mugen that

which is light punch and strong punch. Tip , Try a punch , opponents

health bar decreases slower , it means it's a light punch , Try another

punch , opponents heath bar decreases a bit faster , it's a Medium Punch

, And if it decreases Faster it's a Strong Punch , Same goes for the



me puedes decir como recargar ki? :7

Freeze You 

dude im on computer