Giant Lobster {Catch Clean Cook} Home Made Lobster Bisque!!! Tasty Tuesday!!!


On a recent trip to the Exuma Cays, we caught some massive Spiny Lobster!!! After comletely cleaning the Lobster, we made a fantastic Lobster Bisque!

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Braedon Going 


shane platt 

Hey brother, haters are gonna hate. Just don't mention money. Snowflakes get triggered and take everything out of context when you talk about or even say "money"

Gary Scott 

I know its not about money,,but I am retired living in the middle of the desert dying from heart disease,only dreaming of ever being Ble to do the things you do,i would love to sit on a bank of a body of water with you and fish,just once before I die

Gary Scott 

How does he afford this life,

Jon Alec 

That looks like "La Mona Island"


"It's not about money" - easy to say if you have millions

L F 

This dude is about as fake as it gets. I don't mind it, I just wish he'd keep God out of his money and material worship. Hell will be hot for this guy for sure.

Kenny Lauderdale 

It ISSS about the money tho... It allowed you to chill on the yacht. Lol... I'll be there soon!

Kenny Lauderdale 

Dude is just living the life... Beautiful

คน แซ่ลี้ 



stop pillaging whats not yours to take ,you freeloading bastard.


In my home country Kiribati you don't need to dive to catch giant lobsters...they're just sitting under the rock at beach side waiting for you to pick em up

watch this...!

Ryan Wood 

Looks like you have the best job in the world! Came across your video since were going to spend our honeymoon in Saint Lucia and looking to do some fishing....

Spice 0o0 

Am I trippin or is there stamina that good to just be under water with no ox tank? Lol

Josh James Adventure VLOGS New Zealand 

nice one Robert

Justine Bangit 

Where is this?

Zheng Yuan 

Beautiful life ,

ashtagram 520 

If you're my dad, I could eat your cooking like every single day

Michael Rotherham 

Well the memories you make are dictated buy how much money you have!!!

zahra Rezazad 

Your vido is very good tnx a lot

TooMuch Sugar 

maybe let the water boil first then put the lobster in??

Milton Flores 

En q parte del mundo es este lugar muy bello....Saludos desde Ecuador..

Genaro Ruiz 

First to be rich to do that


Gosh I envy you guys 😍

eva laukas 


Ahmad yousef 

Aint grouper endangered.

eva laukas 

ARIMPA Lobster OLE !!!!!

Princess Prince1622 

Wow such a nice video its really awesome... then why so many dislikes.?


Awesome channel bro, I'm new here can someone explain to how let his children dive while all these sharks swimming around?

Wendy Johnson 

yes more.

Bo Thai Pham 

Love your catch, clean and cook! Keep up the good work! Say hello to your wife Sarah kisses for your two beautiful daughters Arias and Emmas! Please correct me on the names of your beautiful daughters!

Nut Sack 

Love your WHITE people. and jew jeu RAPE everything.


Love your videos, but I thought this was too ironic not to comment on :p

10:17 "I'm on a multi million dollar yacht"

10:40 "It's not about money"

DaVinci Code 

The garlic is the only thing that i can afford

Nìght Röád 

Must be nice to have friends.

Namiko Jovan 

Must be nice muthfucka...

It's me Zoe 

wow! it looks very yummy!!!!!

Nikolas Cecil 

pet a Sharks


Never have I seen such utter disregard for reefs in my life. Catch all you want...BUT STAY OFF THE REEFS.

Team _TJE 

10 883 769th!


As an aspiring chef, I like the way he dispatches his lobsters. Throwing them in the pot right away to boil is unnecessary and painful for those little guys. Crabs take around 4 full minutes to die in boiling water and lobsters take a bit less. Soak 'em in salt water before boiling.. it's an easier death for these dudes.

A Stallion 

Really good video minus the flies

orland taghap 


Eli Davis 



spearing a lobster,, how fucking easy,, in my country it is illegal to use any spears or catching devices to catch lobster,, you can only use your hands,

Travis Prince 

Why do these lobsters not have claws?

Exigent Incursion 

How old you figure those lobsters were?

Ilias Tebib 

Look how the coral reef is fucked up

Alfred Røn Strand 

Wow thats a lot of *_meat_*

Shaikh Sumaya