Get Apple Certified In Logic Pro X With Home Studio Stuff part.1


Welcome to the first in a new series of videos I will be making where I go through the Apple Pro Training Series training book Logic Pro X Professional Music Production by David Nahmani as I go through the book to prepare for taking the Logic Pro X certified exam.

The point is to go through each part of the book with you guys so we can all learn together and get up to the required standard for becoming Apple Certified in Logic Pro X.

In this first session our aims are:

To produce a one minute instrumental piece using prerecorded media

Explore the Logic Pro X main window interface

Navigate and zoom the workspace

Move, Copy, Loop and trim regions in the workspace

Mix down the project and apply effect plug-ins

Export the project to an MP3 file

I encourage any of you to purchase the book so you have access to all the content and lesson files that are available as you won't be able to complete some of the future sessions without them.

Nejon Studio 

volume to low

Apple Afro 

Your audio is bad! I have to turn the volume up all they way just to hear you whisper.

Home Studio Stuff 

You will be happy to know I have started Re-doing these and the first one is now up on my channel with older sound! :D Go check it out ;)

Maj Jam 

Desperately wanted to watch this, but I can't hear it😒

Mike Koflan 

sorry can't hear this at all. hopefully you get around to fixing it at some point. Thanks and take care!

Nazor Taite 

Hey man did you pass? What does that mean once you pass?

Home Studio Stuff 

Next One will be louder, thanks for the feedback ;)

Nayim Nasran 

the volume is really low